Healthy Snacks Celebrities Swear By

It seems like every other person is trying to whip their diet into shape as summer rolls in. Even celebrities are watching what they eat and sharing tips and tricks with their followers. If you’re tired of eating the same low-cal snacks every day, try one of these celeb-approved munchables to spice up your routine

Slide 1/12 – Jennifer Aniston
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Seriously, how does this woman do it? She looks just as young and healthy as she did when she was playing Rachel Green, and she attributes much of her glowing appearance to her healthy diet. She revealed in a recent interview that she always keeps raw, cut vegetables on hand in her refrigerator so she has a simple but tasty snack at her fingertips.

Slide 2/12 – Khloe Kardashian
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The tabloids have been all over this Kardashian’s weight loss journeys, and she recently shared some of her favorite snacks with followers. She likes to keep a bag of raw almonds on hand. They’re a low-calorie snack that will keep you full for hours on end, which is perfect for a woman who is always on the go.

Slide 3/12 – Chrissy Teigen
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We all know Teigen is pretty much the queen of incredible recipes and healthy eating, so it only makes sense to check in on her current snack regime. Surprisingly, she adores everything bagels with peppercinis and butter when she’s not trying some new recipe for her ultra-famous cookbook.

Slide 4/12 – Gwyneth Paltrow
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Don’t we all aspire to be as toned and in-shape as this woman? Paltrow constantly tries to live a healthy lifestyle by chowing down on beneficial meals and snacks. One of her favorites is an organic version of chicken salad served on crackers. You can get her go-to recipe here.

Slide 5/12 – Britney Spears
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In recent years, Spears has lost quite a bit of weight due to her dedicated healthy lifestyle. She’s worked hard to swap out her fav junk food items for better versions that are lower in calories and high in protein. For instance, she now favors raw foods like fresh fruit over a bag of artificial Cheetos when she’s feeling hungry.

Slide 6/12 – Ashley Graham
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This famous Instagrammer has revealed her go-to snack after an especially hard hustle at the gym: almond butter and apples. In fact, she’ll carry around a small bag of nut butter to spread on fruit and boost her energy while she’s out.

Slide 7/12 – Julianne Hough
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On her website, Hough stated that she believes keeping healthy snacks in easily accessible places is one of the first steps towards eating well. For instance, she almost always has a homemade trail mix in her kitchen. She uses almond slivers, cashews, unsweetened dried fruit, cinnamon, and dried coconut chips to ensure that all of the ingredients are healthy

Slide 8/12 – Jennifer Lopez
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When this superstar’s stomach starts rowing, she’ll often pull out her whey powder and craft a yummy protein shake with yogurt, berries, and honey. She claims that the protein really helps her get through the day and that it keeps her full longer than many other easy snacks, and we aren’t inclined to disagree with the queen of fitness and beauty.

Slide 10/12 – Demi Lovato
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This girl doesn’t think foods need to be fancy in order to serve you and your lifestyle well. She really likes to snack on jarred pickles since she likes the flavor and the probiotics. Simple, but effective when the hanger starts to rear its ugly head.

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