Google Stadia Exclusive Coming From Gears of War Multiplayer Developer

Splash Damage, the studio working on Gears Tactics and previously responsible for the co-development of Gears of War multiplayer modes, is working on a Google Stadia exclusive.

The studio confirmed that news via Twitter where they just stated that they are “excited to finally announce that we’re working with Google Stadia on an exclusive title.” They note on their website that they’ll be sharing more information in the coming months, but they sadly don’t share much more information beyond that.

In lieu of any official, additional information, let’s take a look at Splash Damage as well as Google Stadia to try to break down some possibilities and help explain why this is a notable arrangement.

We mentioned that Splash Damage is currently working on Gears Tactics and have previously worked on such collaborations as the multiplayer modes for titles like Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and the PC port of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Some of their own projects include ambitious (but ultimately failed) multiplayer titles like Brink and Dirty Bomb. They’ve actually made some great multiplayer modes and games over the years (and their PC ports are typically great) but, as we mentioned, they’ve struggled to make an entirely successful game under their own banner.

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