Gift Ideas for Cats and Cat-Lovers: Litter Boxes, Toys, Grooming, Treats



Litter Box

If there’s one thing that will change the life of a cat, it’s this box—not the cardboard kind, the poop kind. Modkat makes stylish-looking, well-designed (also expensive) litter boxes with reusable liners. The lids are perforated, so any litter or debris will be scraped off your cat’s paws before he jumps back onto your floors. The regular-sized Modkat is a top-entry box with a swiveling lid, which means it’s easy to reach in and scoop. The XL Modkat, which my cat uses (he’s not fat, there’s just a lot to love), is designed with a front entrance and a hole at the top, and gives kitty a little more space to do his business. If you can afford Modkat, it’s worth it.

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