Ghost of Tsushima’s Newest Trailer Highlights the Exploration

Ghost of Tsushima is within touching distance and now, and Sony are capitalizing on the excitement for the game every chance they get. After putting the spotlight on the combat in the upcoming open world game with a short trailer yesterday, they’ve now released another similar clip, this time highlighting the exploration.

Exploration has looked like one of Ghost of Tsushima’s most exciting elements for a while now, and Sucker Punch have definitely leaned on that. This is, after all, supposedly their biggest game ever, and with a world boasting over 40 different biomes, there’s probably going to be loads to see. The trailer highlights just that, going over things such the the Guiding Wind mechanic, or the organic discovery of points of interest in the open world. Check it out below.

Ghost of Tsushima launches exclusively for the PS4 on July 17. Recently, the game’s full Trophy list emerged, revealing details on various side activities in the game. You can read more on that through here.

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