Impulse eating is something that happens with some frequency and that many people fail to maintain a healthy weight.

When you are hungry, the body is the first to give signals, many of them physical. But some of these signs can be confused or come from emotional deregulation, caused by sadness or stress, for example.

Emotional hunger is a real condition that affects many people, making them unable to maintain a healthy weight or even lose weight. According to the website Mind Body Green, these are the main characteristics.

1 . Emotional hunger arises quickly and is therefore impulsive. You feel hungry right now, even if you have eaten minutes before and stress is a major culprit. The best way to realize if the hunger you feel is genuine is to be aware of when it first came about, since real hunger comes gradually.

2. Emotional hunger causes food to devour . When hunger is not organic, one devours, literally, what lies ahead, in an impulse and sometimes without thinking.

3. Emotional hunger only aims at pleasure and satisfaction and not necessarily satiety. When you have your emotions at your fingertips, it is common to eat to compensate and comfort, which makes the hunger you feel is merely emotional.

4. Emotional hunger does not quench . Besides the person looking to eat to feel happy, a person who can not control the social hunger also can not control the appetite, feeling difficulty in being satiated.
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