Fortnite Leak Hints At Chapter 2 Update

Fortnite‘s next update will seemingly be the start of a new era for the game. 

This information comes from an apparent leak on the Italian iOS app store which showcases a screenshot of Fortnite that includes the words “Capitolo 2.” That translates to Chapter 2, which is s pretty bold phrase to use in relation to a Fortnite update. 

What’s really catching everyone’s attention, though, is the fact that the screenshot in question showcases what appears to be a new Fortnite map. While Fortnite is no stranger to dramatic map changes, the lay of the land featured in this screenshot is so drastically different from what’s currently in the game that it either has to be a new map altogether or a series of changes so dramatic that it might as well be a new map.

Honestly, most people are already assuming that this is going to be a new map due to both this leak and some pretty compelling circumstantial evidence. Data miners have been uncovering more and more information related to a new Fortnite map, and Epic has already branded Fortnite‘s upcoming event (which takes place on Sunday, October 13) as “The End is Near.” Put it all together, and it really does sound like the world of Fortnite is about to change in a major way.

While Apex Legends recently unveiled a new map and PUBG has introduced new maps for years, Fortnite has relied on making modifications to its existing map ever since the launch of the game’s battle royale mode. It makes a lot of sense that Epic would consider a more substantial change to the game at this time, though, given the amount of blowback the Fortnite team has been receiving over some of their creative decisions which have added controversial thematic alterations to the original Fortnite zones.

We’ll let you know if Fortnite really does commit to this next chapter as more official information becomes available in the coming days. 

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