Fortnite: Battle Royale Map Adds The Block for Player Creations

Fortnite’s Creative Mode, wherein each player get their own private island to do as they please, is a fairly ambitious undertaking. However, Epic Games is stepping up the level of player-created content even further by introducing The Block onto the Battle Royale map. Replacing Risky Reels, The Block will serve as a central location for the best Creative mode content.

Revealed in a short cinematic trailer at The Game Awards – with The Block actually appearing in real-time for players – content will be selected by the developer and slotted into the new area. The process of selection hasn’t been made fully clear but it seems other players will get a chance to vote on what’s included. All in all, it’s a pretty great way to expose all players to the soon-to-be wacky worlds of Creative Mode.

Fortnite’s Creative Mode is currently live for Season 7 Battle Pass owners. It will be exclusive for just a week though. Next week, everyone will have their very own private island in Creative to customize. Whether you want to make races, mini-games, airplane battles or just custom deathmatch modes, the sky’s the limit.

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