Spent another night of course? It is time to resolve the situation.
Nobody likes to have insomnia, much less when these are frequent and have an increasingly intense impact on the daily routine, increasing the levels of tiredness, deconcentration, irritation and even hunger.

Although there are many factors that can contribute to a clear night (including the genes ), we must understand that there are daily gestures often seen as harmless, which only increase the deprivation of sleep, which is one of the aspects that most affects health and well-being. Did you know that sleeping poorly can be the cause and not the consequence of mental problems?

Specialized follow-up can be one of the most effective ways to understand the deprivation that you have and to plan an action plan to improve sleep quality. And this plan of action may begin by implying the creation of a kind of ‘caffeine diary,’ that is, the daily annotation of the amount of coffee, the times it is ingested, and the state in which the person is at that moment. In that same diary there should also be a reference to the presence or absence of insomnia in order to try to find a pattern.

According to Self magazine, stopping an insomnia may not only depend on understanding one’s own behavior and the effect of caffeine, but also on a heavy blanket . Yes, sleeping with some weight on the body helps to soothe and manage to have a calmer night.

Since the use of mobile devices is strongly associated with poor sleep quality, but knowing that it is not always possible to ban their use at night, another strategy to take into account when it comes to ending the nights in clear is the use of eyeglasses that protect the eyes from the blue light of the gadgets.

Hot baths at bedtime and use of a melatonin supplement are two other strategies to take into account, and this second should be done only with the knowledge of a health professional.

And no, counting lambs is not a valid option.

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