The first human cadaver transplant in cadavers was successfully completed.

Surgery was performed on corpses but will soon be used as a form of treatment.

The operation took 18 hours and took place in China. The operation led by surgeon Xiaoping Ren has been able to connect the spine, nerves and blood vessels, according to the Telegraph . Already last year, a similar surgery had been performed with corpses of monkeys.

Sérgio Canavero, director of Turin’s Advanced Neuromodulation Group , told a press conference that with the success of this operation, “head transplantation as a form of treatment is imminent.” The Italian neurosurgeon says he already has a patient ready for surgery: Valeri Spiridonov has spinal muscular atrophy , a serious degenerative disease of genetic origin.

The 30-year-old patient has shown a desire to undergo pioneering surgical intervention in 2015. The operation is expected to put Spiridonov’s head in the body of a brain-dead donor, but healthy. For the success of the operation, the patient’s head will have to cool down and be between 10 to 15 degrees Celsius.

After the operation, Spiridonov will be placed in a coma for three to four weeks where he will be given immunosuppressives to prevent rejection of the new body.

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