Facebook has recently started testing a new feature that, if implemented, could have serious consequences on the reach of messages from the platform pages.
According to the Guardian portal, Facebook has begun testing a new main feed intended only for messages from friends, family and sponsored content. As a result, content shared by pages will be placed in a separate, secondary feed that the user only accesses if they really want to. The tests are currently being conducted in Bolivia, Cambodia, Slovakia, Guatemala, Serbia and Sri Lanka.
A Slovakian journalist, Filip Struhárik, told the same source that the pages of various media outlets are experiencing a marked drop in the visibility of his publications. In some cases, the fall is about two thirds of the value obtained in the weeks before the change.
If the social network starts to apply this new method worldwide, it is possible that a large number of pages on the platform lose their visibility considerably, especially those that create content specifically for it. In addition, the measure may negatively affect sites that use Facebook as the main means of publication and disclosure.
On the other hand, this method may boost revenue for the social network, as sponsored content will still continue to emerge in the main feed, which encourages advertisers to create content for it.
A spokeswoman for Facebook has already confirmed that some tests are under way to create a secondary feed for the pages in certain countries but that there are no plans for a large-scale deployment yet. The tests are being performed because, according to the platform, users prefer to see only content from friends and family in their feeds, and the content of pages only occupy unnecessary space in it.

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