Essential Things About Infrared Sauna That Should Know About

An infrared sauna is a unique one that uses light to create heat. This is something that we should use to detox our bodies. There is a lot of type in various kinds of companies. For this reason, it is so common to be confused if you want to buy one. So I will recommend you to visit a site. I am talking about CleverLeverage. They are one of the best reviewers in this type of product. There are so many types of this in the market available to buy. The infrared one is the most popular in them. So I will tell you about them today.

Some of the popular and their feature

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Dry heat sauna with electric heater: sauna with electrical heater is very common. In this one, once you wired up the property, you need to push the button. Your room will heat to your required temperature. This is controlled manually, and it is the main benefit of this product. It will not take extra electricity. This is used in some spas though not that common as a stream room. They are so much easy to set up and has no further problem.

Wet sauna

A wet sauna is much similar to dry heat; they are slightly different. The main difference in this is, you have to add water. You have to give some water onto the heating element. And when your given water hits the hot rock, it turns to steam making humid and hot. This will speed up your sweating. It is best for any person.

Infrared sauna

In my gym, there is an infrared sauna. I usually use this after my workout. In an infrared one, there have some panels that give heat to your body directly. I love this because it has no cooking kind of weather in the air. In this, the air becomes less hot. Only 20 percent of hot goes to the wind, and the rest 80 percent directly goes to your body. Infrared one has more ability to detox your body. It helps your body to remove all kinds of toxic. Detoxication is something we all need to get a healthy body.

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Wood-burning one

This creation was before electricity, the heat source was by good ole fire. They use light to heat the rocks, and then the stones melt the room. Some of them are (Traditional wood-burning, contemporary wood-Burning Heater).

Sweat lodge

A sweat lodge depends on the wood-burning heating source—heated rocks brought in the lodge while they are super hot. Then water poured on the rocks which make the lodge air hot.

Russian Banya

A Russian Banya has two to three levels, and its humidity can reach seventy to ninety percent. The max temperature of this is ninety degrees Celsius. It feels hot for moisture.

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Finnish sauna

It is a traditional one with two levels. It is very dry. The temperature of this should in between eighty to hundred degree Celsius. Most of the interior of this sauna is made by wood. It is a very classy thing.


There are also some that have a shape of a barrel. You can put it in your backyard or front yard if you want to buy them. It will be a classy thing if you buy it. It sits on top of its legs, so it will slightly damage your property. It can be a small looking one, but four or five people would fit inside this. It also uses an electric heater to create the heat. It is smart and will not use more electricity, only uses the needed amount. There is one problem if you want to buy and place it outside of your house. In the time of heavy rain and storm, this will be damaged. So you have to keep that in mind before buying one.

Some indoor sauna

Whenever we heard the name Sauna, you picture a room or a box-like something. There are also some portable ones to buy. Some people love this one. Anyone can set it up within five minutes. It is like a big size of begging with a zipper there will be a chair inside, and you will zip yourself inside. It is a small and useful sauna. You should keep this in mind if you want a small and portable one.

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Single person sauna

There is some only for one person. You can place them in your room. I will be an excellent choice for you if you don’t want to share it with anyone. If you’re going to buy an affordable one. Single person sauna can be the one for you. It will be a great way to relax in your home without going to any public place. Believe me, if you buy one, you will not be frustrated. You will enjoy having this one.

Sauna Blanket

There is also a blanket that will work as a sauna. I was also surprised like you when I first heard of this. It is like a sleeping bag that will also work as your sauna. It will not be as good as any other, but something is better than nothing.

In this article, I talked about some popular types of sauna. But if you want to buy, there is a lot of companies with the same kinds of product. It is easy to be confused. That is why I will recommend you to check They will give you proper information and will recommend the best of the best. They always tasted the product before giving any suggestions. They are the most trusted reviewer. So guys before buying a sauna watch their review or go to their site for information.

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