What if we tell you that you are not supposed to be uncomfortable with your bra and that the urge to remove it when you get home may reveal that you are making a mistake?
The best part of your long day at work is getting home and taking off your bra? You may know very well, but if for yourself it is a necessity because of the discomfort you feel during the day, it is possible that it was your fault, for having chosen the wrong bra for you.

Lingerie expert Tomima Edmark, president of the online store HerRoom.com, reveals that “a bra that fits perfectly does not even make you feel like you’re wearing a bra.”

And the guilt is not so much the size of the bra, but more of the cup. According to the expert, women tend to choose the right size, but a small cup too. “Since most women do not like the sound of sizes D, E, G, etc., they prefer to choose smaller cups (like B or C) because they sound and look more ‘normal’.”

The point is this causes discomfort. Even if you do not feel the bra tight on your back, you will feel the hoops and / or seams hurting your armpits and tight breasts.

Tomima Edmark advises not to stop buying an A-cup bra or G-cup just because it sounds too extreme. “The ‘normal’ of each person is different.”

“Nobody will look at the label on your bra and see the sizes, people will only notice if it suits you or not.” Remember that underwear that does not fit your body will make the rest of the clothes too bad for you.

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