Doctor Allegedly Threatened to Cut off Employees’ Heads and Slit Their Throats

A Georgia doctor was charged with making terroristic threats and false imprisonment after allegedly threatening her employees and throwing things around her office.

Dr. Marian Antionette Patterson turned herself in to authorities on Thursday morning, according to WCTV. Warrants were out for her arrest following an incident on Feb. 21, when her employees called to report a disturbance.

Deputies from the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office said that Patterson yelled at her employee, telling them repeatedly that she was going to “slit their throats. She reportedly told one employee she was going to “cut her head off and roll it down the hallway,” and even said that she would call her children so that they could watch.

Witnesses also said that Patterson threw a catalogue, prescription bottles and a rubber mallet used to test reflexes. The hailstorm of objects damaged a wall in the officer. She also reportedly threw water onto two of her employees, and tried to throw a large potted plant as well.

One of Patterson’s employees said that she grabbed them by the arm, refusing to let them leave the office.

The Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office investigated the incident, and issued warrants for Patterson’s arrest. She turned herself in on Thursday, and has been released on bail. She is faced with three charges of terroristic thretas and one of false imprisonment.

In addition, Patterson’s license to practice medicine was suspended by the Georgia Composite Medical Board starting on March 5. The suspension order made reference to the February incident. It also said that the board had been given a tip that Patterson often performed her job under the influence.

Sheriff Ashley Paulk spoke to reporters from WALB, calling the situation with Dr. Patterson “unfortunate.”

“It’s unfortunate, there’s some factors in her life that brought about some emotional problems I feel like,” Paulk said. “I hope this is something she can put behind her, because she has a lot of patients, a lot of people that trust her as their doctor, and it’s just one of those things that I hope she can work through.”

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