DNA Paternity Test – What Are Its Legal Benefits?

Paternity test is an excellent choice for children who are not sure whether the person living with them is their biological father or not. Sometimes, a mother fails to explain clearly about the current family relationship to her children, and a paternity test can be a great way of knowing for a child whether the person they are living with is related to them or not.

A paternity test is usually of great help during the cases that involve a small child in the divorce. With the help of the results from this test, the father of a child can claim his rights on his son or daughter or even both, if he is capable of taking care of them without causing any changes in their already set daily life.

There are many instances wherein a legal paternity test is required so as to determine the results of a crucial case. Here are some of the instances where the paternity DNA test is mandatory.

Custody of the Child and Child Support

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It is a known fact that most of the couples conceive and give birth to a child, even when they are not yet married. During such cases, the paternity test result will be of great help, especially when the couples decide to separate in the later years.

This will help the mother of the child to claim the necessary financial support from the father’s side, to the child, till he/she becomes legally adult and can take care of themselves.

Paternity test results are not required if the father of the child/children is sure that the kid/kids are his and is ready to pay the necessary financial aid for their future. The same goes for married couple cases too. Even though the child is not biologically his, a person is legally obligated to pay the necessary financial support if there is a child involved in the divorce case.

During the Adoption Cases

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Most of the adoption cases will be an open adoption type, and the child will have information regarding his father and mother. The child will usually be visited by either father or mother or even both the biological parents so as not to keep the child in the dark. However, this will not be the case in many adoption cases.

Some children will like to know their roots, like where they came from and who their biological parents are. Such children will not know their biological parents personally and might not even get the necessary information from their adoptive parents.

A legal DNA test is the best choice for such children to learn about where exactly they came from. The same goes for children who are conceived with the help of sperm or egg donors.

Rights Related to Inheritance

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There comes a time when someone has to take over the family legacy or the family business. If there is already a prince or even princess present, then a business king or even the head of the family can easily pass on the family inheritance. However, issues related to biological offspring usually arise in families that are best known for their wealth and big business name, and the actual owner might be refused to take on their inheritance.

The heir that is the rightful owner might be either an unknown person or someone known to the family members but is not allowed to take over the family legacy. During such cases, the legal paternity testing procedure and its result will be of great help for the person, as it can easily clear the path towards the inheritance for them.

Immigration Related Issues

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Most of the times, immigration might have resulted in the separation of the family members from one another. When the time is right, and the family members return to their birthplace, there might be the chances of issues related to legal ownership of any land or even the child/children. During such cases, the paternity test will be of great help.

By taking care of the paternity test for court, an immigrant or even a family can easily establish their lost claim on their legal right or even the birthright. The paternity test can be done with the help of many laboratories that are associated with Immigration Services.

Insurance Benefits

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Most of the times, people will be faced with a circumstance wherein a person is deceased, and the family member that is related to the dead person is not allowed to claim the legal insurance amount. The financial aid from a dead person, in the form of an insurance amount, might help a living family to take care of many problems. Paternity tests will be of great help for the family members during such cases.

PaternityUSA is one of the best-known paternity testing services in the USA. They provide home testing kits and make it possible for you to send the samples from your homes.

DNA Paternity Test is usually done in 4 different steps and is listed below.

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  • Collecting the Required Sample from the Necessary Sources

You can find the home-DNA kit that is helpful in collecting the necessary sample for DNA testing.

You can collect the required samples from the right sources and send them to the laboratories affiliated with the court. It is always suggested to take help from the experts while collecting necessary samples.

The experts will take care of the testing process, and it is necessary that you discuss with your legal counselor regarding the testing process. Always make sure that the laboratory that will be testing your DNA will be AABB accredited one.

  • Producing the Result in Court

The last process is producing the DNA testing result to the judge so that the legal process will rule in your favor. Always make sure that you produce every paper that is sent to you from the laboratory to the judge, so as to prove that the test is actually a genuine one and not some formulated result.

After getting the result from the testing laboratory, it is suggested to keep the result with you safely, so that you can produce it to the court whenever necessary in the future.

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