DIY: How to Beautify Your Garden This Spring 2020

Spring is just around the corner. Like many, you may have let your garden get a little rough over the winter months. So now is the time to spruce it up in time for the summer garden parties.

Here are our top 15 tips on how to beautify your garden without spending a fortune this Spring:

  • Cut the grass! It may sound simple, but the impact will be huge. Most people do not cut their grass over the winter on the basis that “it doesn’t grow”. Well, in fact, it does grow, just a little more slowly. So, cut it now to give the garden spruce up this Spring. Just be careful not to let the lawnmower clog up with damp grass.

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  • Tidy up the pebbles and stones. Many gardeners use pebbles and stones to segregate sections of garden, create pathways and to decorate the garden. Over time these pebbles can move. Start the season off by putting them back where they belong. You may find you need an extra bag or two to replace stones that have been carried away or sunk into the ground. Or maybe it’s even time to replace then with a new style.
  • Prune woody plants and flowers. Some shrubby plants only bloom on new branches. So, cut back woody stems to help promote growth during the spring. Great tips on pruning and other gardening tips can be found at Purple Flower. Just be careful not to cut yourself. Wear gardening gloves and use safety cutters to keep your fingers green.
  • Start weeding early. Just like any other plants, weeds start small and develop across the course of the year. So, pull them out while they’re still young and the root network has not developed yet. You’ll find it’s much easier than pulling them out in the summer. It will also prevent a complex root network from developing.

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  • Add plants to your fence. Maybe your garden needs a new fence after the winter battering. Instead of building a traditional wooden fence, use plants to create a barrier. Or a creeper such as Ivy. Climbing vines can be used to help cover items such as old cement pillars. If you have space, build a wooden arch and cover it in plants. It is sure to give that fairy tale feel..
  • Don’t fight moss. If you’re lucky enough to incorporate large rocks into your garden, then let the moss grow naturally. It is sure to beautify it. Don’t however let it grow on paving slabs or other surfaces that you walk on. You are likely to slip with a very painful fall.
  • Remember beauty comes in many forms. Including some fragrant flowers will help add that extra dimension to your garden. Particularly helpful if you have a visually impaired relative or friend. Be careful if anyone in your family has allergies though.

    Source: Wikipedia

  • Add some art. Visit your local garden centre and you’ll find rows of artwork. Statues, sculptures, gnomes, and sundials. Whatever it is for you, invest in some art. If your budget will stretch to it, commission an original piece. When placing the art, think carefully about the positioning. Shadows can really help beautify the place, so try your artwork out in several positions to find out which gives the best shadow art.
  • Flowers! Don’t forget to give your flowers a refresh each spring. Always try and introduce something new each season to give your pieceful place a new look in time for summer. Also, make space for some hanging baskets if space permits. If you have a pond be sure to plant some aquatic plants.
  • Pot some plants. Plants always look nice in pots. So why not buy some big planters and pot your plants. Small trees and bushes can help break up a messy looking garden. If you use a bush, why not learn some basic topiary and add some real handmade natural beauty to the place.

    Source: SALIFE

  • Install a fire pit. BBQs are so last decade. A fire pit will keep you and your friends awake all evening sharing stories and playing games. The firelight and shadows created by the pit will give a whole new perspective. Just make sure you use the correct kind of rocks that won’t crack/explode under extreme heat.
  • Add some lighting. Lighting comes in many forms. One fun way to add some subtle lighting is to use a rope light along the edge of your footpaths. Watch out for shops selling leftover Christmas lights cheap. Solar lighting is popular due to its eco-credentials, but make sure you buy the good quality ones that don’t fall apart in the winter.
  • Roll out some fake grass. While we’d all love a garden full of luscious green grass, sometimes it is simply not possible, particularly if you only have a small patio area. So, buy a roll of AstroTurf! These days it is quite reasonably priced and a lot easier to maintain than real grass. No cutting required!

    Source: Bob Vila

  • Add a kid’s corner. Kids will always brighten up places around your house. Give them their own corner where they can plant their own plants and keep their outdoor games. Bright coloured pots, plants, and games will really change the look of it. And if their planting goes well you may get to enjoy the fresh taste of luscious home-grown vegetables.
  • Leave space to enjoy your garden. It is meant to be enjoyed, so make sure you include somewhere to sit or lie in the sun. A picnic bench, hammock, lounger, or table and chairs. Whatever suits your style, make sure you include somewhere to relax (ideally away from the kids!).

Source: MommyPoppins

So, there you are, 15 handy tips on how to beautify your garden this Spring. Get out early and perform these great tips so that it is ready to receive the darling buds of May.

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