Destiny 2 Not Running on AMD Ryzen 3000 Series

The AMD Ryzen 3000 series of CPUs recently released to a good amount of fanfare. However, it seems that players of Bungie’s Destiny 2 are facing issues with it. The game is not loading properly and no one is really sure what the issue could be. Nothing short of running it on different hardware seems to fix the problem.

Thankfully, after a highly upvoted thread on Reddit, Bungie has acknowledged the same. Community manager Cozmo confirmed that the developer is currently investigating the issue. How long it will take to get fixed remains to be seen so best to sit tight.

Destiny 2 received its latest update in the Season of Opulence yesterday. Along with patching a fairly good chest exploit in the Menagerie, it also introduces a number of different bug fixes. As for the nerf to Lord of Wolves, we’ll have to wait a bit longer – Bungie previously confirmed that a patch would be out later this month for the same.

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