Days Gone Trailer Showcases The Wedding of Deacon and Sarah

A new trailer for SIE Bend Studio’s Days Gone is now available and sees protagonist Deacon St. John revisiting some old memories. We get a look at Deacon’s past and his marriage to Sarah Whitaker, which seemed to be a fairly happy occasion. Of course, it’s not long before an enemy gang and the undead arrive to disrupt his reminiscing. Check out the trailer below.

Set to the backdrop of Billy Raffoul’s “Hell or High Water”, the trailer doesn’t really point to the fate of Sarah. But ever since the Freakers rose up, it can’t be anything good. The development team so far has highlighted the many dangers lurking in the world of Days Gone, from wild infected animals to roving gangs of maniacs. To survive, you’ll need to make the best use of resources available including your motorbike.

Throughout the adventure, Deacon will find new weapons and upgrades for his bike, enabling him to slaughter more zombies and venture out for longer. While it may not be anything revolutionary, the story and world-building definitely points to a deeper experience than just “open world zombie game”. Days Gone is out on April 26th for PlayStation 4.

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