Dangerous Monsters Make Decent Pets In Pixel Stories Of Dungeon

Dangerous Monsters Make Decent Pets In Pixel Stories Of Dungeon

Want to be the top hero in all the land? Well, rather than overcome evil, you kind of need to beat up the current top hero. Which makes kind of sense? A bit? I guess it would make you the strongest, although doesn’t beating up the hero make you a villain? Anyway, roguelike RPG Pixel Stories of Dungeon doesn’t prescribe to such basic concepts of good and evil, instead showcasing your rise to power.

Also, you can have pet tornadoes, which is pretty nifty.

In Pixel Stories of Dungeon, players will comb through dungeon depths to defeat the bosses within and prove yourself worthy to beat up the ultimate hero too (which is perfectly normal). This means picking the right equipment and weapons for the job, then keeping yourself alive as you battle through floor after floor of enemies that just want to nibble your head a bit. A couple of different classes allow you to use different fighting methods to keep your head from being chewed on, allowing for some freedom in how you wish to scrap with monsters.

For the most freedom, making monster buddies is best. Players can catch some of the dungeon monsters and make them into friendly pets, having them help them out through the many, many different places they’ll be exploring. When you’ve set out to beat up the ultimate hero, it doesn’t hurt to have at least one good friend, right? Although I don’t know how good a pal you can be with a living tornado, honestly.

Pixel Stories of Dungeon is available for $ 9.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer PowerGaelic, you can follow them on Facebook and YouTube.

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