Crane Quandry Is About Platforming Inside A Crane Game

Crane Quandry Is About Platforming Inside A Crane Game

If you’ve ever felt the lure of cute stuffed animals nestled so tantalizingly on a precarious platform, seemingly just requiring a little push from some mechanical claws to free it for your embrace, you may already feel the appeal of Crane Quandry a platformer of collecting stuffed toys, but from someone trapped inside of a crane machine.

Being stuck inside of a crane machine seems to make stuffed animal collection a little bit easier than trying to do it in the real world. Players can hop around inside of the machine’s varied environments, but may find their plushy prizes far out of reach. To fix that, players can use the crane inside the game to pick up platforms and objects, moving them around to figure out ways to unite players and their desired toys. Except these cranes can actually pick up and carry stuff, proving that this is pure fiction.

With some creative tools and objects, as well as a bright, cheerful aesthetic, Crane Quandry makes for some cute, far less frustrating fun than real crane games.


Crane Quandry is available for free on For more information on the game and developer Starto (Strato?), you can follow them on and Twitter.

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