Concrete Genie Has Gone Gold

PixelOpus’s Concrete Genie is out next month and offers a unique action-adventure story about illustration, graffiti and overcoming one’s fears. Taking to Twitter, the developer has announced that the game has gone gold. This means that principle development is finished and that it’s ready for shipping and manufacturing.

Concrete Genie is about Ash, a young boy who doodles in his notebook that is subsequently torn up by the local bullies. He sets out on a journey to recover those pages but also takes to livening up the town with his creations. Along with Photo Mode, which will have a Replay function with clips of Ash customizing his photos that can be shared.

There’s also the VR Experience where Ash ventures below the lighthouse along with Splotch, a genie. Then there’s VR Free Paint Mode that provides access to four different places for creating art with Living Paint and Genie brushes earned during the story. Concrete Genie releases on October 8th for PS4 so stay tuned for more details on its overall quality.

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