Clear A Vampire’s Castle With Your Canine Pal In Castle Agony

Clear A Vampire’s Castle With Your Canine Pal In Castle Agony

The people of your village have graciously volunteered you and your dog to make your way through a vampire’s castle and defeat it in Castle Agony, a mixture of adventure game and RPG that will have players combing the halls for useful tools they can use to overcome the bats, spiders, and ghosts within.

Supernatural pest control isn’t a glamorous job, but at least your dog gets to come along!

In Castle Agony, players will guide their character through the halls by clicking around, moving through haunted corridors filled with challenging puzzle mechanisms and irate hauntings. As they explore, players can find an array of odd parts and tools, which they can then combine into stuff that might be useful like molotovs and healing potions. Although the fact that you’ve come to the castle to steal anything that isn’t nailed down might be part of why the vampire doesn’t much care for your village and its inhabitants. Food for thought.

Monsters will often show up, likely upset by the player’s brazen thieving, which players must overcome through turn-based combat system, which also makes use of Action Points to make players consider the cost of taking any particular action against the monsters. Powerful moves might cost more and dispatch enemies quicker, but will they leave you vulnerable as you wait to get some points back? At least you get stronger as you fight and defeat enemies.

Also, you have a dog you can play as. Not only can he sniff out free items (because you need to be stealing more), but can also wander through hidden passages and locate new routes. Plus you can play as him, although I’d like to remind you that your townspeople sent you here to die, and meanwhile your dog is doing everything to keep you alive. Maybe you should take that nice dog and run, instead. Just throwing that out there.


Castle Agony is available for $ 6.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer The Pompous Pixel, you can follow them on IndieDB.

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