Children who grow up in the company of these cats have a lower risk of asthma.
A recent study by the Childhood Asthma Research Center in Copenhagen, Denmark, argues that children born and raised in the company of cats have a lower risk of asthma.

The study reveals that contact with these cats steadily – even though still inside the mother’s uterus – causes a smaller variation of the 17q21 gene (called TT), responsible by the appearance of some types of allergic diseases in people.

According to information released by the website Science Alert, the study relied on the medical, genetic and environmental analysis of 377 children whose mothers had previously been diagnosed with asthma.

Of all the children analyzed, one-third had variations in the asthma gene, however, the constant presence of a cat in their lives at a time when the risk of developing the disease was lower.

Although the results are concrete and quite encouraging for cat owners and lovers, it is important to point out that several studies have already been done on the subject, and the conclusions are always contradictory, although it is scientifically proven that, in general, pets is always beneficial for children and for adults.

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