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The ‘selfies’ may turn out to be more important on Facebook

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Protect Your Chrome In 1 Minute Against Malicious Advertising

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Facebook has (finally) eliminated one of its worst features

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The photos of your face will help you ensure the security of your social network account. Facebook is testing new ways to ensure that users of your social network are safe, particularly through ‘selfies’. He tells Wired that several users have shared screenshots from the social network where you can see the option to upload …

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Google announced today that it will provide a feature that will prevent malicious advertising from taking over the browser and redirecting the user to another page. As you know this is a very common problem and that eventually has already affected our readers. The giant of search engines and not only announced that this feature …

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Little by little the social network will no longer support sending invitations to third-party applications. Tired of being invited to play games that have no interest at all? Good news. It looks like Facebook will no longer support sending invitations in applications from other developers. The measuTre will have a gradual effect, with the functionality …

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That robots occupy a large number of jobs poses a debate not only economic, but survival as a species. Soon we will have to decide if we would trust an algorithm to our health or defense systems. Are you a human being? What distinguishes it from our ancestors, from other species and from new robots? …

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While trying to control the type of comments that are made, the video platform continues to have difficulty mitigating this type of behavior. YouTube continues to struggle to control the behavior of its users, with the case of sexual comments to children’s videos reported by The Verge to be a good example of this. The …

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Elon Musk’s electric car maker has announced the construction of a factory in Shanghai. Tesla has confirmed it will build a factory for its electric cars, in Shanghai, China, to better serve the Asian market, according to The Wall Street Journal. It is predicted that by 2025 some seven million electric vehicles will reach the …


Facebook has recently started testing a new feature that, if implemented, could have serious consequences on the reach of messages from the platform pages. According to the Guardian portal, Facebook has begun testing a new main feed intended only for messages from friends, family and sponsored content. As a result, content shared by pages will …


Rumors surfaced that the technology had deliberately reduced the accuracy of Face ID facial recognition. Apple was made public on the news Bloomberg advanced as to how it would have deliberately reduced the accuracy of Face ID facial recognition system. The intention is to reduce the time of production of units of the iPhone X, …


Once installed, malicious software attempts to circulate within networks to infect other systems. The malicious software Bad Rabbit began by giving talk this week by rapidly spreading through Europe, Russia and even Turkey. Although the authorship behind the attack is unknown, more details of this attack are being learned. The Wall Street Journal reports that …