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Tips for home moving without losing your sanity

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7 moments in which the tongue gives the warning sign for the lack of health

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So… you can stop snoring!

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Moving from home is often, too, the first step towards the beginning of a new phase. The moment should not, therefore, be something that disturbs us, but that motivates us to start in the best way this new stage. Home moving can be a (very) stressful experience. A recent study has even revealed that moving …

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Have you looked with eyes to see your tongue? No? But you should. We use the tongue to articulate the words, to feel the flavors, to produce saliva. We need the language to know how our health is. Although it is one of the most important parts of the human body, the tongue is often …

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Enter the night. Time to go to bed, close your eyes and rest, a scenario that a priori may seem very common but that for many becomes impossible due to the strong snoring of your partner. In fact, studies confirm that 5 out of 10 persons snore every night, or what is the same: of …

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Consuming the drink often protects the heart. Good news for coffee lovers. According to a recent study by the University of Colorado School of Medicine in the United States, this drink enjoyed a little around the world not only gives extra energy, it also decreases the likelihood of suffering from heart failure, heart attacks and …

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Eating is a biological necessity but the lifestyle of the times that run sometimes triggers an unbridled appetite. Spend the day hungry? There are signs and reactions that you may be confusing with hunger. Here’s the highlights of seven things you may think are a sign of hunger but they are not: 1. Badly asleep …

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Impulse eating is something that happens with some frequency and that many people fail to maintain a healthy weight. When you are hungry, the body is the first to give signals, many of them physical. But some of these signs can be confused or come from emotional deregulation, caused by sadness or stress, for example. …

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It is not at all the answer you want to read, but, yes, it is possible to gain weight through sadness. It happens to be psychogenic obesity and is nothing more, nothing less than the tendency to control sadness and anxiety with the comfort that food provides. “We eat to calm down, because the sensations …

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If you are part of the range of people who ‘sucks’ a meal in a few minutes, then this article is for you. There are two types of people at the table: those who take an ‘eternity’ to eat, chewing slowly each bite, and those who make the food disappear from the plate in the …

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What if we tell you that you are not supposed to be uncomfortable with your bra and that the urge to remove it when you get home may reveal that you are making a mistake? The best part of your long day at work is getting home and taking off your bra? You may know …


Do you often have heartburn, sore throat, or dry cough? The blame may be on the countless coffees you drink. Gastric reflux occurs when stomach acid rises into the esophagus and irritates its lining. This can lead to heartburn, sore throat, dry cough and even chest pain. It is known that certain foods and beverages, …