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19 Pictures Of Unexplained Stuff That’ll Keep You Up Til 3 In The Morning

1. Can anyone explain this frame of a video taken by someone on a flight? 2. Welcome to Ireland’s Leap Castle, home to a mysterious spirit called “The Elemental.” Twitter: @TheExtraDude Apparently, “The Elemental” spirit protects the castle, which is “used for initiations and druidic magick.” 3. A ghost will probably come for YOU if…

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Very Sorry, But Perfect Moms Aren’t Allowed To Read These Tweets

1. This one’s for the moms who are just trying to get from one day to the next:

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Where Do You Fall On The Kinsey Scale?

Note: This quiz is for entertainment purposes only! Please don’t make any major lifestyle changes based on your results. Also, due to the limitations of the format, it’s not possible to get an asexual or aromantic result. Sorry ace folks!

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New Photos Of Prince Louis Released To Celebrate 1st Birthday

LOOK AT THIS ADORABLE LITTLE PRINCE. By Ellie Hall Posted on April 22, 2019, at 5:49 p.m. ET On Monday, the Royal Family in Britain released three new photos of Prince Louis in honor of his first birthday. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to share three new photographs of Prince Louis ahead…

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Pete Davidson Got Stuck Paying Kim And Kanye’s Expensive Dinner Bill And The Story Will Make You Cringe

Pete Davidson stopped by The Tonight Show on Thursday, where he shared a rather awkward story about the time Kim Kardashian and Kanye West crashed his dinner at a very expensive restaurant, and he ended up stuck with the tab. View this video on YouTube It all started when Pete was invited to Kid…

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“Game Of Thrones” Fans Have A Theory About What’s Going To Happen In The Winterfell Crypts, And It’s Giving Me Heart Palpitations

OK, so if you watched Season 8, Episode 2 of Game of Thrones last night, you know that everyone at Winterfell is gearing up for a battle with the White Walker and their army of wights. Preparations are being made, hookups are happening, the works. HBO Oh, and Brienne of Tarth gets officially knighted!!! But…

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Police: A Woman To Be Arrested After Being Caught On Camera Throwing 7 Puppies In A Dumpster

Riverside County Animal Services told BuzzFeed News that had a man not discovered the 3-day-old puppies within a 15-minute window, they would not have survived. By Tanya Chen Posted on April 22, 2019, at 2:26 p.m. ET Riverside County Animal Services Officials at the Riverside County Animal Services in Coachella, California, are working with the…

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I Truly Did Not See What Sophie Turner Said About Arya’s Sex Scene Coming

Sophie Turner chugging a glass of wine is a beautiful thing. But this video of Sophie Turner in which she holds a glass of wine and discusses the events of last night’s GoT episode between Arya and Gendry is truly a sight to behold. Sophie Turner Please, just watch this vid that she posted to…

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Inside The San Diego Church Where ICE And Border Patrol Bring Pregnant Women

Jessica Bal for BuzzFeed News Immigrants sleep on cots in the Rapid Response Network shelter in San Diego. The shelter only allows people to stay for 72 hours, leaving local churches, such as Christ Ministry Center, to fill in the gaps. SAN DIEGO — Around 2 a.m., about 17 hours after she crossed the border,…

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24 Jokes For Anyone Who Loves The Planet

For anyone who loves nature, recycling, and mother earth. Posted on April 22, 2019, 16:04 GMT 1. yall: hey the earth: im dying bro please help yall: yea that new avengers movie is gonna slap 08:20 AM – 24 Mar 2019 2. jason momoa shaved off his beard because you fucks don’t know how to…

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