Can Rejuran Help Mothers Regain Youthful Looks?

Females are born nurturers. They begin with caring and looking after their brothers and father, always with their arms open which is followed by being a great friend and looking out for their friends and finally, meeting that special someone and starting a family. That phrase is usually then followed by the most taxing days of a woman’s life – motherhood. It sounds exhausting and it is. Pregnancy and post-pregnancy related stress and responsibilities are found to play a large part in the rapid aging of a female.

Despite, motherhood being beautiful, with all its joys and struggles, it does leave one with stress which hurts not only our body but also our skin. Everyone wants to be a great mom but what they often overlook is their wellbeing. Let’s talk about a few of the most common post-pregnancy-related to aging issues and how you can get help.

First gaining popularity in Asia and Singapore, Rejuran is now widely acclaimed around the world and seen as a very viable alternative to more traditional options under the medical aesthetics umbrella. Formulated using a strain of salmon DNA, Rejuran and its little sibling, Rejuran Healer, is fabled in its ability to boost the regenerative effects of the human skin cells. This has wide-ranging implications in the field of aesthetic medicine and explains its meteoric rise in the tiny nation-state of Singapore.

Wrinkles & Fine Lines

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Late nights spent feeding and caring for a newborn can take its toll on even the more youthful-looking mothers. The sleepless nights very quickly result in eye bags, dark eye circles, and cause the skin to lose the luster and glow of old. In many cases, crow’s feet (wrinkles around the eye area, especially when a female smiles) and fine lines start appearing on the forehead and neck.

These are clear signs of aging and the usual treatment for these was a botox injection. By shrinking and tightening the area around the affected areas, botox can instantly remove fine lines and wrinkles. Rejuran however, has taken over that role in recent times. Although it does not work anywhere near as quickly as botox, its main benefit is that it triggers a very natural healing process of the body instead of relying on a forced change in your facial muscles. By accelerating the rate at which your body repairs damaged cells, Rejuran, and the aptly named Rejuran Healer, effectively work as a form of anti-aging stimulant. Apart from fixing the fine lines and wrinkles, patients also start to notice the glow of their skin being restored and a more supple feel of the flesh.

Saggy Skin

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While Rejuran is unable to cure severe saggy skin conditions on the face and belly like a full-surgical facelift or tummy tuck, it can provide enough of a lift to combat less severe cases. All these is also achieved without any surgical incision and significantly less downtime, making Rejuran a great choice for mothers who just need a little bit of lift, while getting smoother, brighter skin.

Hence, instead of a combination of facelifts, skin boosters, and botox, it’s now possible to replace parts of that with Rejuran injections.

Pregnancy-related Scars and Marks

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The post-pregnancy body can cause certain conditions to appear such as weird pigments and even scars, especially around the stomach area. While treatment for scars has always been done using a combination of different lasers and creams, it’s now possible to replace it with Rejuran. Since we’re being offered a lot of things on the market, yet we don’t know which one of them to choose, sometimes it’s difficult to go for the right product and not end up wasting your money.

We all want results, and we want safe products that can deliver them. For this reason, we suggest that you visit and take a look at some of the things that they include in their reputable program. Gold-standard care and utilization of the latest technology is something that makes a huge difference in the beauty industry, so we suggest that you opt for these things whenever you can.

Laser treatment for scars is based on the concept of damaging your skin and then letting it heal to fill up the hole, effectively closing the scar. While logical, much of the reason for scars being deemed among the toughest aesthetic conditions to treat is down to the fact that it depends so much on the natural healing abilities of the individual.

Rejuran Healer closes the gap in healing between different individuals and brings about a more consistent result to patients undergoing this treatment. Rather than completely replace lasers in the medical aesthetics field of scar treatments, Rejuran supplements it.

Getting Rejuran in Singapore

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Rejuran is the most popular healing treatment administered by certified doctors in Singapore today and you should always consult your local clinic first before making any treatment decision. Living in a larger city makes it a lot easier to find reliable treatment locations, which is why we suggest that you fully take advantage of your privilege of being in Singapore. Dr. Lee Mun Heng is someone who has a long history of successful treatments and is a person that you should be contacting if you’re looking for reliable treatment.

Lee Mun Heng is known for dedication and having a lot of previous experience at some of the world’s most reputable places such as the Mayo Clinic.

The importance of beauty

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For many, investing in the way you look might seem like a pointless thing, especially after having your first child, but that’s something that we tend to disagree with. It’s proven that the way we look has an impact on how we feel, and a lot of mothers feel discouraged by their scars and saggy skin after their first carriage. Since we live in a modern world with a lot of possibilities, we feel like you shouldn’t let something insignificant impact your confidence or spark your anxieties, but when you have such an easy way of fixing it, why shouldn’t you do it?

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