Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War: Historical Events That Could Happen in the Game

While the Vietnam War was not a direct conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union, you could argue that it stands as arguably the closest we came during the Cold War era to the two sides engaging in an open war outside of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Korean War. China and the Soviet Union contributed resources to North Vietnam while the United States lent direct military support and additional resources to South Vietnam.

We’ve seen glimpses of the Vietnam conflict in previous Black Ops games, but anyone with even a passing knowledge of the cultural and historical significance of the Vietnam War knows that there is so much more that the Black Ops series can cover.

While we fully expect the next Black Ops to touch upon the Vietnam War, we have to wonder how much of the game will focus on that war. Furthermore, the nature of the Black Ops series until this point raises some valid questions regarding whether or not it will deal with some kind of alternate historical view of the war which sees the Soviet Union participate more directly in the conflict.

The Soviet-Afghan War

Along with the Vietnam War, the Soviet-Afghan War remains one of the most important Cold War events that the Black Ops series has barely touched upon in previous installments.

The full history of this conflict is significant, fascinating, and quite brutal, but essentially, it escalated when Afghanistan’s communist party seized power in 1978 and initiated sweeping changes. Following a series of violent incidents related to the power shift, the communist leaders in Afghanistan, who received significant support from the Soviet Union, were soon at war with an insurgent faction who were financially and spiritually supported by the United States and other parties.

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