Budget-Friendly Backyard Makeover Ideas Everyone Would Love

If you like to spend time in the country, turn it into a paradise. To make your vacation a joy, set up a swimming pool in a backyard area, put a small and cozy gazebo, or arrange a patio and install a garden swing. By the way, from the swing, you can get more benefits than it seems at first glance. The main thing is to choose a suitable model, installation location, and beautiful decor.

Swing can be a cheap and available solution for the backyard design, that will change it for the better.

In this material, you will learn how to equip a zone with a swing in your backyard. We will show you by what parameters to choose a model, where it is better to install it, and how to equip the site before installing the structure. And so that the garden swing is not only functional but also beautiful, we will share tips on the best tips for designers to choose decor.

How to choose a place for a recreation area: design ideas

Before studying swing models and looking for options that suit the quality and price, decide on their purpose and installation location.

If you plan to buy a summer swing for children, then it is better to put the design next to the vacation spot of the whole family. The baby will always be in sight, and you will save yourself from unnecessary worries for their safety.

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A place for a swing in the backyard

There should not be concrete or stone paths, building materials, and other dangerous objects near the swing platform in the country. Proximity to the pool or pond is also worth considering. All of this will help reduce the risk of injuries for children.

Tip: Remember that children love to pull everything in their mouths, so you should take care that prickly and/or poisonous shrubs do not grow near the recreation area with a swing. If you forgot what plants were planted, it is better to consult with specialists in landscape design.

An ideal option for a summer residence would be the arrangement of a separate playground with a swing near the recreation area for adults. If you want to instill in your child a love of sports since childhood, set up a sports complex on the site with slides, swings, ladders, rings, horizontal bars.

In a slightly different way is choosing a place for street swings for adults to relax. Those who seek privacy, it is better to choose a place away from home. You can install a garden swing in the back of the garden or near the pond. In such a place you can relax from the hustle, spend time reading an interesting book or even take a nap in peace and quiet. It’s great if the resting place is planted with shrubs or hidden from prying eyes by lush and low trees. Look at the photos of real projects. Perhaps in your backyard area is a similar place where you can equip a recreation area.

Where to put a swing in the country: option for designing a recreation area

If you like to arrange family celebrations and parties in the country, then a garden swing is best set near the recreation area. One of the good places is the patio. While you can prepare grill or barbecue treats and set the table, guests can relax on adjacent chairs, benches or hanging swings. If trees are planted nearby, then between them you can stretch a hammock to equip an additional place to relax.

If your country house has a terrace, then you can hang a comfortable swing on it. The main thing is to choose the right model and think about a reliable mounting system. Lightweight constructions – wooden swings, swing-nests or plastic swings – can be mounted directly on the beams. Ropes or chains are suitable as fasteners, depending on the width of the seat and the expected loads.

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Frame and seat materials

A swing for a summer residence is most often made of metal, wood, plastic, or rattan. Metal products are characterized by increased strength and carrying capacity. Such a swing can easily withstand several people, so they are suitable for family outdoor recreation.

Usually, only a frame is made of metal, and the seat is made of wood. As an option, they use soft and comfortable mattresses that can be easily dismantled if it rains or if the upholstery gets dirty.

A swing made of wood and plastic is usually made for children’s gaming complexes in the country. These materials are lighter and much safer than metal, so the risks of injuries among children are low. Children’s garden swings can be part of the game complex or have a separate mounting system. For example, some models can be mounted on the nearest tree or house beams.

Swing made of natural materials – vines or rattan – are characterized by low load capacity, designed for one person to rest. They can be fixed on a wooden or metal support, suspended on a tree or beam. The seat is soft voluminous pillows or a mattress made in the shape of a swing. They look impressive and stylish.

Mounting method

By the method of fastening, all garden swings can be divided into four types:



rocking chairs;


Suspended country swing and hammocks are very simple to install. If ropes act as fasteners in a structure, then it is enough to wrap thick branches or a tree trunk several times with a rope and tie a reliable knot. For chain garden swings, you will have to look for more reliable support – for example, beams on the terrace. It is important to correctly calculate the weight of the structure itself and the expected loads.

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Arrangement of a recreation area with a swing in the house

For freestanding structures will have to find a suitable site. As a base for a swing in the country, you can use a concrete surface,well-compacted soil, or decked surface. The first option is preferable because, due to high loads, the soil may begin to sag. To equip the concrete base under the swing in the backyard, it is better to invite specialists. They will select the right materials and perform work taking into account all technological requirements. Such a base for a swing will last for many years without crumbling from loads, temperature changes and the effects of precipitation. The decked surface is a stylish and more good-looking solution that perfectly complements the image of the wooden frame models. It creates a cozy and warm image, and this type of arrangement also is better to be made by specialists.

Product Dimensions and Payload

When choosing a garden swing in size and carrying capacity, it is better to start from your ideas about relaxation than to buy a product “for growth” or for special occasions. Imagine that you finally managed to get out into a country house to spend several days with loved ones in nature. How do you want to relax – the whole family with music, games, dancing and flavorful barbecue, or in peace and quiet reading interesting books

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