Bring Some Zen to Your Life With Crystal Ear Plugs

Plugs and tunnels have become more popular over the last few years, and it isn’t surprising. Although plugs, tunnels and stretched piercings have been around for many years, they have been seen in modern culture with increasing popularity into the mainstream.

There are several material choices when it comes to what you have in terms of plugs and tunnels.

When you start initially stretching your earlobe, you are most likely to use steel or acrylic. These will be tapered. After some time, when you have finally reached the size that you like, and it is healed, you’re going to want to explore your different plug options.

Organic tunnels and plugs have something a little bit special about them. Not only are they healthy out for your stretched earlobe, but they look really cool too. One of the most popular choices, crystals and gemstones.

Many people do believe that specific crystals and gemstones have a range of properties. And that having those crystals on your work desk, or in your bag, or even wearing them will bring those properties into your life.

Things like warding off danger, increasing intuition, strengthening your resolve, and even calming you.

There is also the school of thought that just thinks that crystals and gemstone adornments are just beautiful, and they are.

One of the other great things about stone and crystal plugs and tunnels is that every single one of them is unique because they’re organic.

If you have decided that you’d like to bring some cool stuff into your life, or swap your acrylics and soft silicone to tunnels and plugs for something a little bit more natural, here are some great stone and crystal plug options for you.

Tourmaline Quartz

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Tourmaline looks fantastic because, for the most part, the stone itself is clear or milky white and has striking black and brown lines and shapes darting through it. They do tend to look almost geometric, and sometimes you can find ones with streaks of green or gold. The great thing is these are all unique, so you can buy a whole host of options, and each one will be different.

Some will have more pronounced black streaks, and others will have a more clear space. It said that this terminated quartz gives you some grounding energies and removes negativity.


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If you’ve ever looked at rainbows in puddles, or perhaps in the sky on a not so perfect sunny day, then you will have likely seen a rainbow. This stone looks a little bit like that, but with a milky background, almost pastel like.

And every single angle that catches the light will give a different colour again. Opalite is said to bring in a peace and a sense of calm to whoever is wearing it, and is ideal for people who maybe have a little bit of anxiety or are quite nervous.


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Haematite has been used for hundreds of thousands of years to help encourage a person’s energies to be a little bit higher.

Almost every single piece of haematite that you see will be a silver-grey. However, it used to be a reddish stone.

Haematite was used to improve iron absorption into the bloodstream and help any unwanted chemicals leave the body. Nowadays, many people believe that haematite will help protect them from negative energies and anyone who would like to harm the wearer.

Smoky quartz

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Smoky quartz is quite stunning and can be pretty demure. It depends on the style that you are looking for. Smoky quartz plugs come in a wide range of colours and shades. You’ll find deep rich smoky looking browns, and super pale almost nude skin tones.

It is believed that smoky quartz can absorb any negative vibes, and can also help you with grounding.


Source: piercingmania

Amethyst might just be what is commonly known as the starter crystal collective stone collector. Amethyst is prevalent when it comes to things like helping people calm down. It’s the one you can most often find in large crystal shops stunningly displayed.

And that’s what makes it interesting, it comes in at such a wide range of lavender and lilac tones, all the way to almost clear but not quite pinks. And all of those can be found within a single stone.

Amethyst plugs come in a wide range of styles and colours, for example, you can get a perfectly polished plug, or you can prefer to have something that screws on a little bit more rough and ready. Amethyst is well known for its many positive energies, love and calmness.


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It is often believed that green happens to be a lucky color anyway. But Jade comes in a wide range of shades of green. It is possible to find jade in a range of oranges too.

Many people use jade crystals and ornaments to bring abundance and joy into their lives, so it makes sense that you can find them in a range of earplugs and other adornments.

Jade is said to help to balance emotional energies too. So if you are looking for prosperity, peace or just perhaps really love green, then Jade plugs and stones are for you.

Caring For Crystal and Gemstone Plugs

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It is super easy to take care of stone and crystal plugs and tunnels. Due to the nature of them, they’re quite hard-wearing, and all you really need is some mild soap, water and a microfibre cloth.

It is important that you don’t let them sit in the sunshine or put any chemicals like bleach or so on them as this can ruin the colour and cause some damage to the outer layers.

Even though stone plugs are typically very hard-wearing if they do get dropped, this can cause cracks, chips and other damage to occur. If this is the case, it is better for you to replace your plug altogether because those little cracks can be a hot-bed for dirt and bacteria.

Stone and crystal plugs, that you can find here, are easy to take care of, and can bring a little more meaning to your stretched lobe – depending on what you believe.

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