Bray Wyatt Gets His New ‘Woken’ Identity

Like any good cult leader, Woken Matt Hardy assigns his pledges a new identity. After his Deletion, Jeff Hardy became Brother Nero. And now Bray Wyatt is Samael.

The RAW Tag Team Champions just released a new video explaining Bray’s new moniker. Apparently, Abigail is gone forever, and Samuel is Wyatt’s new spiritual ruler.

Per usual, Bray’s words were dense, so you can follow along with his incantations with this transcript thanks to Cagesideseats.

“You know what the problem with the world is today? It’s that everyone thinks they know everything about everything – immediately.

They think they can look at the book’s cover and understand the contents. They can read the headlines, but they don’t know the true story. Do they? They can look at my skin, and think they understand everything about the mechanics that’s working underneath it.

But that is not the case, because I promise you – if you could see the creature that lives behind my eyes, you wouldn’t be standing in front of me. No, you would be kneeling before me in a puddle of your own piss.

Understand something. Plain and simple. To me, Abigail was a delicious poison. An intoxicating, overwhelming poison. But, Abigail don’t live here no more. I am Samael.”

And for the Woken One’s bit:

“And Samael and my essence Zenith have been together since the genesis. And now, Samael is no longer suppressed by Abigail. Abigail has been purged, and Samael has been reincarnated – it is absolutely wonderful! And together, you will all realize what we truly are: THE DELETERS OF WORLDS! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!”

In case you were wondering if Hardy and Wyatt would tone down their eccentric now that they are champions, this footage lets all know that the weirdest stuff has yet to come.

But by Bray getting a new identity, it lets us know that he and Hardy plan to be together for the long haul—it’s like a guy giving his letterman jacket to his new girlfriend in the 1950’s.

Even more, Bray and Hardy are on top of RAW and have little foreseeable competition. The Superstar Shake-Up saw SmackDown land and incongruent amount of well-established tag teams while RAW was left with newly formed partnerships or pairs of Superstars that have yet to make a lasting impact. Outside of Hardy and Wyatt, the only team WWE fans can take seriously is that of Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre.

We’ll see how it all plays out, but at least Bray got a cool new nickname.

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