Borderlands 3 Teased by Gearbox

Borderlands developer Gearbox appears to be teasing the impending reveal of the long-awaited Borderlands 3.

The studio’s official Twitter account (named “Gearbox Official,” in case there was any doubt), sent out a tweet recently that showcases a cartoon roadsign. The road sign reads “Boston,” and both “March 28” and “MA” have been crudely painted on it. As some of you may know, this is no doubt a reference to PAX East in Boston, which starts on March 28. 

However, the detail that’s got everybody talking is the fact that the font of the writing and style of the art look a lot like something you would find in the Borderlands universe. There’s actually little doubt in the minds of everyone who has seen the post that it is designed to tease some kind of Borderlands-related announcement. 

What is stirring up some debate, though, is what Borderlands project this post is intended to tease. The most popular theory at the moment seems to be that Gearbox is preparing all of us for the official reveal of Borderlands 3. That theory is supported by the fact that the roadsign in the tweet mentioned above is referred to as “Exit 3.” Actually, most of the doubt concerning whether or not this is all related to Borderlands 3 surrounds the possibility that Gearbox will instead choose to go the spinoff route, as it did with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

There are also some questions concerning whether or not this will be a Borderlands game in the style of the first two games in the series (which is to say single-player adventures that emphasize co-op play) or if Borderlands 3 will go all-out and embrace the world of online multiplayer. Titles like Destiny and Anthem certainly borrow many of the loot shooter concepts that made the Borderlands series infamous, so it wouldn’t be that crazy to suggest that Gearbox might try to adapt to the modern times by introducing “games as a service” elements to Borderlands

While we’ve been hurt by these teases before (we’re looking at you, Diablo: Immortal), we’ll be sure to let you know more about this announcement as additional information becomes available. 

Matthew Byrd is a staff writer for Den of Geek. He spends most of his days trying to pitch deep-dive analytical pieces about Killer Klowns From Outer Space to an increasingly perturbed series of editors. You can read more of his work here or find him on Twitter at @SilverTuna014

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