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What is the best mattress for sciatica? Sooner or later, most people have asked themselves that question since a very high percentage of the population has suffered or will suffer throughout their life some episodes of sciatica attack.

In these attacks, and for different causes, the sciatic nerve becomes irritated, generating intense pain that can compromise various areas, generally in the legs and buttock area.

There are many factors that can contribute to relieving sciatica pain. These recommendations will depend largely on what caused sciatica. That is why the advice of your doctor is essential in this matter. Sciatica caused by a lumbar disc herniation is not the same as another whose cause is found in a spinal stenosis.

In any case, and depending on what your specialist says, here are a series of measures that can help mitigate sciatica pain.

How to sleep with sciatica

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Faced with sciatica pain, we can ask ourselves what is the best posture in bed. Unless your specialist tells you otherwise, in general terms we can say that you should avoid sleeping on your stomach. In the vast majority of cases, this position will increase our pain and make it worse. This is because our cervical and lumbar curvature adopt an unnatural position, which increases discomfort.

If the person is used to sleeping on his back and it is uncomfortable to do it in another posture, you can try placing a cushion or cushion below the knees so that they rise and thus reduce the pressure.

However, it is most advisable to sleep on your side, with your knees slightly bent, which is known as the fetal position. If needed, a cushion or pillow could also be placed between the knees to keep them somewhat apart and thus relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Fundamental, when sleeping in this posture, on your side, is to support the head on a pillow that is the size and firmness necessary to keep the head and cervicals in perfect alignment with the back.

The most suitable mattress for sciatica

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It is very important that the person suffering from this pain sleeps on a mattress that is firm enough, without becoming rigid. That is, the mattress suitable for sciatica must have medium-high firmness and perfect adaptability. A good example of this type of mattress are those made of high-density memory foam such as Bultex:

Focus Neo mattress by Bultex: this high-end model combines HR foam and memory foam in its materials, which provide us with great freshness and breathability thanks to its Bultex Nanotech® core,  made up of cells with an open and irregular structure. On the other hand, its Memory Foam ® memory foam layer provides us with a large support and support surface, favoring correct blood circulation during rest.

The Neo model has a medium firmness, but does not produce a feeling of entrapment or deform over time. Its adaptability is progressive. In addition, its materials are 100% hypoallergenic, since it has the total barrier system, which acts against bacteria, mites, and fungi.

Recommended pillow for sciatica

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At we have pillows indicated for people who suffer low back pain, such as the Pikolin Home memory foam pillow, which adapts to the shape of the neck providing great comfort and stability.

In addition, it is very breathable and adaptable and will provide us with great support and welcome in the area, a fact that helps to minimize pain in the lower back.

The lumbar pillow has a medium-high firmness and a low height, designed not to force the spine or cause bad postures when sleeping.

Another good option if you suffer from sciatica is the cervical dune pillow, from the manufacturer Moshy, which favors a correct alignment of the neck and spine. Its memory foam padding provides great stability and a feeling of weightlessness, as well as freshness, thanks to the 100% cotton composition of its cover.

It is a low firm pillow, with a silky touch and memory effect, ideal for those seeking maximum adaptability.

Other measures to relieve sciatica

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Your physical therapist will instruct you to carry out a series of convenient exercises that will have a double function: on the one hand, they will try to reduce the discomfort that the person has at that time, but, on the other hand, they will also have the task of avoiding future relapses, preparing the body, the muscles, the tendons, etc., so that the next episodes of sciatica are as light as possible or simply do not happen again.

And this is achieved thanks to the muscular strengthening of the abdomen and back area and also to the stretching exercises that your physical therapist recommends. It must be emphasized that it is convenient to carry out these actions under the supervision of a specialist since if they are wrongly practiced, they can worsen the situation.

Your doctor will also tell you if activities like yoga, swimming, or Pilates can benefit you.

Being overweight and, to a greater extent, obesity, can increase sciatica pain since on many occasions it can modify the position of our spine and increase pressure on the joints. Having a physical activity adapted to our state of health and a correct diet can help to avoid this overweight.

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Especially for people with sedentary jobs in which they must sit for many hours a day – such as computer scientists, office workers, etc. – it is essential to have a good posture while sitting at work. But it is also when it comes to performing other daily tasks such as driving.

A correct position also helps us not to injure ourselves when lifting heavy weights or bending over, at which point we should avoid bending our back and we should try to do it with a straight back and bending our knees.

In any case, we must emphasize that these tips are in general terms and that in no case should they replace the correct opinion and diagnosis of a specialist and the advice that a physical therapist can offer you.

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Avoid excessively soft mattresses and those that have lost their properties over time, as they cause the body to sink and adopt unnatural positions.

Nor should we neglect the importance of a good pillow in our rest and in relieving the discomfort caused by sciatica. This pillow should be firm enough to keep your head in line with your spine and the correct size, depending on the posture you sleep in.

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