Benefits of Buying Used Cars


Gone are the days when buying an old car was synonymous to crappy car models with high price tags. The purchase of used cars has recently taken massive leaps due to the ample benefits being offered, as compared to that of buying a new car.

If you opt the used car instead of buying brand new, you can actually procure a variety of benefits.

And here are few of them which will really drive you to go for the used ones:


1) Better Price Tag

No rocket science in this, we all are pretty much aware of the fact that the used cars are always much cheaper as compared to the new ones. Who does not wish to enjoy all the extra benefits of a higher model including an air-conditioner, mp3 player, power windows, alloy wheels, and all other attractive accessories within a pocket-friendly budget? So if you really desire to own a luxury car but you are still struggling with a budget, then buying the used car could be the best option to fulfill your long awaited desires.

2) Depreciation Benefits

The value of the newly acquired car depreciates drastically and you end up losing a lot of money, this is where buying an old car could make you gain. Cars lose value with each passing week, month and year, but when you are buying an old car, you do not have to face any such huge depreciation. Also with the used cars you need not to worry about any type of wear, tear, rock chip in the paint or about the parking lot ding.

3) No Hidden Charges

Buying a new car could be fascinating enough but the add on hidden charges is enough to burn a hole in your pocket. You may need to pay a hefty fee, like for its processing, preparation, advertising, as well as the shipping fees, which can aggravate to the overall purchasing costs. However, by purchasing an old car you can avoid these hidden charges.

4) Reduced Insurance Rates

The insurance premium on your new car will be much higher than that on a used one. Fact is the cars have high insurance rates in the initial years which goes on declining as the years pass on. Also in case of an accident with your new car, the insurance will pay for what the car is worth at that instant of time irrespective of your purchase price. This creates an insurance gap, resulting in increased insurance premiums. But when it comes to used cars, insurance rates tend to be less expensive as they have already gone through the depreciation. You just have to do a little bit of pre-purchase research by looking for the cars which do not have any accidental history so that you can avoid the bump in insurance value.

5) They too have a warranty

While purchasing an old car the first question that strikes every mind is about the warranty. Many used cars still carry their original warranty. Other used cars may have the option of creating a new warranty. Well, that’s exactly what you get when you purchase a used car from one of the many company-owned used car outlets. However, you should note that this warranty generally comes with a certain limit on the km you travel in that stipulated time period.

6) Certified and Thoroughly Inspected

Certified Pre-Owned vehicles assure the buyers that they are getting a quality car which is thoroughly inspected. Certified Pre-Owned pass through many checkpoints before delivery. They often have an extended warranty, special financing, and other add-on benefits. So that as a used car owner you can enjoy more benefits and services as compared to the newer ones.

7) Low-Interest Rate

Purchasing a used car from certified car dealers saves you from higher interest rates. They have lower base price cutting the loan cost by a substantial amount that also yields the better chances for loan approval. This is how the buyers of old cars can save a lot of money

8) Variety

If you buy a used car, against a new one, you have a much wider catalog for selection. You are not limited to the models those were released in the last one or two years. You can pick and choose any color, model and trim on it according to your choice without any hassle. You can also add the vintage models to your collection which are no longer in production.

Thus getting acquainted with the number of benefits of purchasing used car as contrary to the new ones, and if you have got an old car already and you are looking for someone to give a fair price for its value then check out for the cashyourcaruae which is an authentic company dealing with the purchase of pre-owned cars.

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