Battle Bullet-Winged Bosses In Hectic Arcade Shooter Vectorium

Battle Bullet-Winged Bosses In Hectic Arcade Shooter Vectorium

Vectorium is the latest entry in the “minimalist bullet hell action” category of dual stick shooter, complementing the fast-paced combat with clever boss designs and a frenetic abstract style.

Guiding an agile triangle through increasingly crazy gauntlets, survival is the goal in Vectorium. It doesn’t take long for the screen to become a kaleidoscope of color and movement, as bullets streak across the screen, explosions slice across the battlefield, and fierce bosses close in your position.

Your base ship can evasively dash and unleash a quick-fire barrage of bullets, augmented by upgrades and mid-combat unlocks like missiles and additional turrets. Other unlockable classes let you blast through incoming waves with lightning, area-of-effect attacks, lasers, and other projectile types; however, you’ll need precision dodging to outlast Vectorium‘s bullet-spewing bosses. From a charging prism carried on bullet wings to a triangular octopus with lazily-sweeping bullet tentacles, Vectorium’s bosses are both a test of your skills and bullet-hell visual spectacle.

Vectorium can be purchased for $ 4.99 on Steam.

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