South Korean scientists have created a new product that promises to grow hair.
Science has long sought to end one of humanity’s greatest dramas: hair loss. Although baldness is commonly associated with males, this is also a problem that affects women … but the end seems to be in sight. said a group of scientists at Yonsei University in South Korea were able to find the cause and a potential solution for hair loss. In practice, they detected the two proteins – the zinc finger protein type CXXC 5 – that drive the loss of wires and created a biochemical substance capable of stopping this process.

And this long awaited substance is the PTD-DBM. When applied on laboratory rats it made the skin grow … and in only 28 days.

“Found the protein that controls hair growth and we have developed a new substance that promotes hair regeneration and controls the function of the same protein,” says Kang-Yell Choi, lead author of the study.

For now, Choi’s team hopes to be able to boost the creation of drugs and products that are able to stop baldness.

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