Baldness cure may have been discovered

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Tips for home moving without losing your sanity

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The ‘selfies’ may turn out to be more important on Facebook

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South Korean scientists have created a new product that promises to grow hair. Science has long sought to end one of humanity’s greatest dramas: hair loss. Although baldness is commonly associated with males, this is also a problem that affects women … but the end seems to be in sight. said a group of …

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Moving from home is often, too, the first step towards the beginning of a new phase. The moment should not, therefore, be something that disturbs us, but that motivates us to start in the best way this new stage. Home moving can be a (very) stressful experience. A recent study has even revealed that moving …

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The photos of your face will help you ensure the security of your social network account. Facebook is testing new ways to ensure that users of your social network are safe, particularly through ‘selfies’. He tells Wired that several users have shared screenshots from the social network where you can see the option to upload …

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According to information (and images) obtained by The Next Web, Instagram is testing the ability to share content from other accounts on its pages. Judging by the screens shared by the publication, this feature will be entitled to its own button (next to the ability to share one image / video per message) and can …

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Google announced today that it will provide a feature that will prevent malicious advertising from taking over the browser and redirecting the user to another page. As you know this is a very common problem and that eventually has already affected our readers. The giant of search engines and not only announced that this feature …

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Smartphone batteries have evolved a lot over time. However, the major breakthroughs, or at least the most notorious, are two: fast loading and charging wirelessly. Although not insignificant – it’s great that we can get our smartphone to charge 50% of its total charge in half an hour – the battery life (perhaps the most …

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Have you looked with eyes to see your tongue? No? But you should. We use the tongue to articulate the words, to feel the flavors, to produce saliva. We need the language to know how our health is. Although it is one of the most important parts of the human body, the tongue is often …

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heath lambert

Chiropractic is a health care discipline that emphasizes the body’s inherent power of self-healing without resorting to the use of medications and surgical interventions. The practice of chiropractic focuses on the relationship between structure (primarily the spine) and function (as coordinated by the nervous system) and how this relationship is likely to affect the preservation …

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Enter the night. Time to go to bed, close your eyes and rest, a scenario that a priori may seem very common but that for many becomes impossible due to the strong snoring of your partner. In fact, studies confirm that 5 out of 10 persons snore every night, or what is the same: of …

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sore throat

See how simple combinations can help relieve sore throat and avoid taking medications. sore throat is often the first sign that something is on the way, whether it is a flu, a cold, tonsillitis, or even a pharyngitis. Common in the colder months, where the neck is easily swamped by temperature fluctuations (as with putting …

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