Astral Chain – S+ Rank Gameplay Reveals Sick Combos

It’s hard to believe that PlatinumGames’ Astral Chain is out next week, especially when high quality gameplay continues to emerge. The latest comes from GameSpot which reveals some S+ Rank gameplay in Ultimate difficulty. This difficulty ensures that it’s game over in just one to three hits and there are no extra lives. Check it out below.

What’s most amazing about the combat is just the attention to detail of everything. Seeing the player throw their sword into the air for the Beast Legion to catch it and slice a foe before casually tossing it back is cool. Otherwise, chaining together different Legion attacks will be pivotal to succeeding in Ultimate difficulty.

Astral Chain hits the Nintendo Switch on August 30th. Check out 30 minutes of new gameplay here. For a bigger focus on the Legions and combat, head here, or head here for 15 things you need to know about the game before picking it up.

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