Are Gaming Chairs Worth It? Consider Some Tips & Benefits

Have you ever stopped to think about the time you spend sitting throughout the day? Whether in front of the computer, playing games or doing any other activity, you need to be very careful. But, fortunately, there are already super comfortable and ergonomic options to help you, like the gamer chair!

Many spend long hours playing, but do not consider that being comfortable and having the right equipment is essential for good game performance. Not only is the best pc needed, more ergonomic keyboards, comfortable mice or video cards with good gaming memory, the position and location, comfortable mice or video cards with good gaming memory, the position and place you are going sitting are mega important!

They specially developed to solve this problem. Its design and ergonomics are designed especially for you to spend long hours in the most comfortable way possible.Be it with the spine well positioned, with the arms resting or with the neck resting at the correct height. In addition, their look is super different and cool. Totally inspired by race car seats, totally escaping the more square designs of office. From this design, there are several colors and even themes available from the gamer chair. If you are thinking gaming chairs prices are too high, don’t worry because there are available which you should consider for the best quality.

But the best part is not the design, it is the quality of comfort.

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Gaming has numerous benefits, especially for those who spend long hours sitting. Her design is not a simple design, but it is built entirely focused on high comfort, from the fabric, pieces, available adjustments. Ergonomics is thinking about the whole body, not just the backrest, like a normal chair.

Main Benefits:

– High comfort design

– Ergonomics

– All parts are adjustable

– Helps improve posture

– Aid in the circulation of blood from the leg

– Improves game performance

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Have you ever thought about the ergonomics of the chair you sit on every day?

Ergonomics, in a basic way, is the study of the relationship between man and machine, seeking to provide a higher quality relationship between both, especially at work. The study of object ergonomics focuses, for example, on the most comfortable distance from the computer in front of you or the height of the pillow you rest at night. Always looking for a balance between both.

Ergonomics is the starting point for your design of a gaming chair. So from its back, the footrest, the armrest, even the material is thought of first in terms of ergonomics.


Most gaming chairs have the following structure:

– Special pillow for head rest

– Special cushion for lumbar support

– Height adjustable

– Reclining backrest

– Footrest

– Durability and consistency

– Seat with foam

– Leather lining

Source: MSI


Although we are used to sitting all day, the human body was not designed to sit, let alone sit 8, 10, 15 hours.

A study published in the medical period Archives of Internal Medicine, examined 250,000 people for the ills of sitting. The results indicated that sitting more than 11 hours a day, regardless of activity, may increase your risk of death in the next three years. That’s right! For people over 45, this chance can double. Even for young people, spending six hours a day in front of a computer – which we know is easy! – the chance of death in the next 15 years may increase by 40%.

Of course, this is because of the countless consequences that result from the time spent in non-ergonomic chairs.

Difference gamer x office chair

You may already have a good office chair, and ask yourself the difference between a gaming chair and your chair. We separate the main differences:

Gamer chairOffice chair
– It is designed for long hours of use
– Differentiated design, suitable for informal environments
– Resistant material, leather
– 100% adjustable- 100% ergonomic
– It is not recommended to spend long hours
– It is better for the office environment
– Material varies according to model
– Only the height is adjustable, most of the time
– Ergonomic at a certain level

See tips for choosing the right model of gaming chair

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Set a maximum price

Before buying, it is important to establish an average price that you are willing to pay. Generally, seats that have different forms of adjustments for arms, back, among other areas, tend to be more expensive. The internal structure of the equipment also has a great influence. For example: chairs with metal interiors tend to be more durable compared to products with wood inside, but they are also more expensive.

If you are thinking of saving, an important tip is to choose models that use plastic in certain parts of the chair, such as the seat base, piston and wheels, for example. Therefore, the high price is not necessarily synonymous with quality. Check the product characteristics and choose the one that best fits your conditions and needs.

Availability of adjustments

When buying your gaming chair, comfort should be prioritized. Look for models with different adjustment options, going from the back to the feet, if possible. Most gaming seats have an ergonomic design and adjustable arms.

It is also important to check if the equipment has cushions for the neck and for the lumbar, as these pillows should relieve tension during gambling or work. In addition, some brands offer products with adjustment to recline up to 180º, being interesting for those who want to relax and play or watch movies and series lying down.

Source: Rolling Stone

Material used

The material used in making are extremely important, as they are an indication of the equipment’s durability. Products with a metal interior structure tend to have higher resistance, while the external coating can come in materials that simulate leather or even genuine leather. This type promise greater durability, since they must withstand spills of liquid, for example. Despite this, being less “breathable”, they can retain the user’s sweat more easily.

Brands use different foam in their seats, which also directly influences the comfort and quality of the product. Therefore, it is worth seeking to know more about the density of the product before finalizing the purchase.

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