Rumors surfaced that the technology had deliberately reduced the accuracy of Face ID facial recognition.

Apple was made public on the news Bloomberg advanced as to how it would have deliberately reduced the accuracy of Face ID facial recognition system. The intention is to reduce the time of production of units of the iPhone X, thus accelerating the arrival of more units to the market on the day of launch.

“The quality and accuracy of Face ID has not changed. The likelihood of a random person unlocking your iPhone with Face ID is still 1 to 1 million. Bloomberg’s claims that Apple has reduced the accuracy of Face ID are completely false and we expect Face ID to become the new gold standard for facial authentication, “read the statement from Apple unveiled by the GSM Arena.

The iPhone X will hit the market on November 3, and it’s a matter of waiting to see the public’s reaction to Face ID to see if it’s really up to Apple’s expectations.

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