Neuroscientist Joseph Jebelli estimates that it may be possible to stop the disease soon.
“[The idea is] to bring the disease back, developing a drug that we can give someone years before they start having symptoms.” The plan was designed by neuroscientist Joseph Jebelli, who believes that with the use of biomarkers it will be possible to prevent Alzheimer’s disease in the next 10 to 20 years.

The plan of the specialist is optimistic and even somewhat bold, if it were not Alzheimer’s disease one of the most complex to decipher, since the efforts of science to find a cure have failed to deliver as concrete results as necessary. But the ‘veil’ has been gradually being lifted.

Knowing that some of the signs of the disease are visible in the blood, the neuroscientist hopes to be able to use this and other biomarkers to carry out his plan to ‘annihilate’ the disease, creating a treatment that works in the field of prevention. These biomarkers so far discovered make it a little simpler to predict the onset of the disease and, with it, its blockage even before it is a disease.

Joseph argues that his plan can be truly effective, not only by treating the disease before it manifests, but also by resorting to everything that has already been studied and analyzed since this mental pathology was discovered, there are about 100 years.

“This will change the course of the disease, pushing it back to the point where [patients] not only do not experience any symptoms but die naturally,”
Jebelli tells the American newspaper.

In his book ‘In Pursuit of Memory: The Fight Against Alzheimer’s’, which will be published on the 31st and which will have all this scientific process detailed and explained, the expert gives some of the latest findings and certain findings that can help to make the difference and still speaks directly of the impact that the disease had on his grandfather, something that ended up serving as ‘inspiration’ to focus all attention on the treatment of pathology.

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