Caitlin O’Heaney claims that the actor physically punched her during the production of The Doors in 1991.

In an article published by Buzzfeed News, the actress says that during a casting for the movie ‘The Doors’, Kilmer and she should rehearse a discussion scene. The characters were intended to be enraged and throw objects at each other, but without any kind of physical contact or aggression.

However, at the time of recording, Kilmer grabbed Caitlin by the shoulders and slapped the actress to the floor.

The plaintiff also claims that the director of the film, Oliver Stone, did nothing to stop the aggression. “Stone just stood there looking and laughing, I got out of there and I cried in my car for 20 minutes.At the time, I sued them and I ended up making a deal where I could not reveal what happened.I do not act any more in Hollywood, I do not care about that anymore. ”

“I was traumatized and, outside of myself, I signed the document, which said that I should never talk about it. If that were today, I would not sign it, “he concluded.

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