A Gift Card Is A Great Present

Almost everyone has at least one person on their shopping list that seems impossible to buy for. That person may be incredibly picky; may go out and buy everything they want when they want it; or may be someone you do not know all that well.

For example, some couples who get married do not register for gifts because they already have their households established and do not feel they need any additional items. In that case, a gift card or gift certificate to one of their favorite restaurants, the theater, or for travel from an airline or travel agency would likely be appreciated. Or maybe the person you are buying the gift for is someone who lives far away and the gift you want to purchase is very bulky which would make shipping expensive. In that case a gift card or gift certificate for that item would work well.

A gift card can also be a great gift for someone you know extremely well.

For example, my sister-in-law loves to get massages. But she has four children and a tight family budget so massages are a luxury she cannot usually afford. So for her birthday and for Christmas I give her gift certificates for massages or to a day spa. She loves receiving them!

I’ve also given my children gift cards. For example, last year my son wanted a recliner for Christmas. We wanted to get it for him but he lives 600 miles away and one wouldn’t fit in his vehicle for his drive back home after the holidays. Buying one and shipping it didn’t seem cost effective to us. We decided we would rather put that shipping money into a nicer recliner so we gave him a gift card to buy a chair where he lives. Because we weren’t sure what furniture store he would want to buy the recliner from, we gave him a Visa gift card which can be used anyplace a Visa charge card can be used.

The major credit card companies, including Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Visa all sell gift cards. The gift cards are redeemable wherever their credits are accepted.

amazonGas gift cards are another gift card I like to give. My nieces and nephews who drive love them, because like most other teenagers who drive they are always scrounging for gas money. And since gas gift cards can be used for gas and also for purchasing snacks inside the gas station, they are a gift that is very appreciated.

Teenage girls usually love gift cards or gift certificates to the local mall. For me, teenage girls are difficult to shop for and I have a teenage daughter! Most teenage girls love clothes but can be very picky about what they like. Also, choosing the right size can be difficult since sizes are not uniform among stores. I prefer giving a gift card in order to avoid the recipient having to go through taking the unwanted or wrong size item back to the store to exchange.

If you need to find a gift for someone who loves to go to restaurants and you want to buy them a restaurant gift certificate, consider purchasing one from your state’s restaurant association (if they offer gift certificates). Then the recipients will be able to go to any one of the association’s member restaurants which usually gives them a large choice. For example, the Wisconsin restaurant association sells gift certificates to use at any one of their member restaurants of which there are over 7,000.

If you are looking for a gift for that person who seems to have everything, consider giving them something similar to a gift card – give a gift in their name to a charitable organization such as the Red Cross.

Some people say giving a gift card is the lazy way to give a gift. I don’t agree. I think a thoughtfully chosen gift card is a wonderful gift. It shows the recipient that you want them to have something special they can truly use.

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