A Cure For Nail Fungus – Which Nail Fungus Cure Offers the Best Chance of Success?


If a cure for nail fungus sounds like an impossible dream you are not alone as millions of adults are battling the very same thing and also wondering how to go about finding relief. Cases of nail fungus, or its scientific name onychomycosis, may range from the mildly annoying to the embarrassing and painful and the condition is notorious for being difficult to treat.

Although anecdotal accounts of using ordinary ingredients like beer or white wine vinegar exist for curing nail fungus there is no scientific data to back up any of these claims. Also, some home remedies call for using items that you wouldn’t ordinarily put on your skin or nails such as mouthwash or chlorine bleach, both of which may cause quite a bit of pain.

Dangerous concoctions using things like bleach should strictly be avoided as this hazardous substance can cause serious damage to the skin. Also, never use anything on cut, cracked, or blistered feet other than the gentlest of products that are intended for such use.

At the other end of the spectrum of using unusual, do-it-yourself home remedies in an attempt to find a cure for nail fungus is the option of seeking medical attention, which may actually be in order if you are suffering from a rather serious or painful case of onychomycosis.

Seeking Medical Treatment to Cure Nail Fungus

If you are dealing with a severe bout of nail fungus you may have considered seeking medical intervention for more aggressive forms of treatment such as laser therapy or prescription drugs. Only recently approved by the FDA as a nail fungus cure, laser treatments are quite expensive and many sessions will be needed before any results are seen. Also, there are no guarantees that the process will even be effective and it may not be covered by your health insurance.

Nail fungus cures in the form of prescription drugs also offer no true guarantee of success but unlike laser treatments, prescription drugs, either oral or topical, may cause a number of serious side effects taking them off the list of possible options for many people.

Liver damage is just one of the side effects associated with the available prescription medications currently approved by the FDA for treating nail fungus making them a last ditch effort for some and even then only a short term option at best.

Finding an Effective and Natural Cure for Nail Fungus

There are quite a few over the counter products for treating nail fungus available and while they may help some people considerably, very few of them are able to completely eradicate nail fungus as the vast majority are geared toward treating the outward symptoms of the condition rather than its original cause.

The most effective OTC products are those that contain natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals. Even all natural ingredients can cause a host of side effects when used incorrectly or in the wrong proportions. OTC products that contain ingredients which have been thoroughly tested and then manufactured using therapeutic dosages from leading providers in the industry show the most promising results in consumer tests making them a wise choice to consider.

Three OTC nail fungus treatments became popular over the past 10 years thanks to the positive results they provided to thousands of people who were infected with a fungal infection in their toes. These treatments are Emoninail (read Emoninail reviews), Zetaclear nail fungus treatment (read Zetaclear reviews), and Funginix (read Funginix reviews). We advise you to have a look at these treatments to treat this problem without taking the risk of scary side effects carried by prescription drugs.

Successfully finding a cure for nail fungus can be a reality provided you learn as much as you can about your various options while acting as soon as possible. Nail fungus may spread rather quickly once initial stages have passed so time is definitely of the essence when it comes to finding the product that can offer you the best results without risking your precious health in the process.

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