9 Really Strange Things That Can Happen To Your Vagina When You’re Pregnant


You can have bigger and better orgasms than you’ve ever experienced before.


When a woman is pregnant, her body’s blood volume increases by as much as 50%, which can make the vagina swollen and super sensitive. Her breasts are also engorged and sensitive. In addition, pregnant women have increased levels of oxytocin, estrogen, and progesterone, which leads to heightened arousal and amazing orgasms. So, obviously, lots of women have increased sexual desire during pregnancy – and a whole lot more orgasms.


Your vagina could smell and taste different.


A woman’s vagina is likely going to change or increase in odor when she’s pregnant and you can thank her changing hormones for that. A woman’s pH levels in her vagina change during pregnancy. The Journal of Perinatal Education says women may taste saltier or more metallic.


You could feel like you’re being stabbed in the vagina.

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The phenomenon known as lightning crotch is when pregnant women experience a sharp or shooting pain in their vagina, rectum, or pelvis. Some women describe the pain as feeling like a lightning bolt to the vagina (hence the name). Lightning crotch is most common in the last trimester of pregnancy.


You may have more – and different kinds – of discharge.

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It’s true, pregnant women produce more discharge to protect their cervix. When women are close to their due date, they may expel a gooey mucus plug out of their vagina which is a sign that they are about to give birth.


Your vagina may get very, very itchy.


Unfortunately, vaginal itchiness is a common side effect of pregnancy. This happens because the increased vaginal discharge and pH changes irritate the sensitive skin in that area.


Your vagina could get infections more easily.

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Due to increased estrogen levels and pH level changes in a woman’s vagina during pregnancy, yeast infections can be common. A pregnant woman’s risk of having a UTI is only slightly higher than it is when they are not pregnant. However, the risk of having the UTI progress to a kidney infection increases by 40%


Your vagina can develop large, bulging veins.


Up to 22% of pregnant women get vaginal varicose veins. The added pressure and weight of the baby create the vaginal veins which can cause swelling, pressure, or pain. They are most common in the second or third trimester of pregnancy.


You may get a lot of ingrown hairs on your vagina.

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Pregnant women’s pubic hair grows faster than usual because of the high estrogen levels in the bloodstream. Pregnant women can also sweat a lot more, causing pores ~down there~ to clog, resulting in ingrown hairs.


And, yes, your vagina could turn blue.

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Caused by the increased blood flow during pregnancy, some women’s vagina will turn blue or purple. It is known as Chadwick’s sign and should subside after pregnancy.

Hey, I’m not here to scare you out of getting pregnant. I AM JUST BRINGING VAGINA FACTS…AND GREAT ORGASM INFORMATION!


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