8 Benefits of Drinking Red Wine Before Bed

The red wine is an alcoholic beverage, but it’s very different from other drinks. It contains an ingredient named resveratrol, which helps you sleep better. But, there are also many other benefits of drinking it, one or two glasses per day, that prove that when you drink smart, there is no damage to you.

You should know that this advises are relevant if you are a healthy person, without any health problems. If you have some disease or health issue, you should follow your doctor’s instructions, and avoid drinking alcoholic beverages if it’s necessary.

Also, many studies show that a glass of red wine at night helps you sleep better and it’s a great prevention from cardiovascular problems and diabetes. But, only a glass. That is the amount that is considered to be healthy for you, and a whole bottle of wine won’t make you healthier.

1. Red wine helps you sleep better

Source: Savvy Tokyo

The red wine is known about its sedating effects and also, as a muscle relaxant. It will help you relax and ease the mental tension. Once you are free of all the tensions and negative thoughts, you can sleep better and have high-quality dreams.

But, this drink won’t help you if you have a continuous problem with sleeping and night terrors. If you have insomnia and other sleeping problems, you should ask for help, not for a glass of alcoholic beverage.

2. It’s relaxing

Source: Zhagui Solutions

If you enjoy drinking good wine, it can be relaxing if you have an evening routine. Your body will know that after the last sip, it should be in a sleeping mood. Your brain will associate the glass with a good time and a peaceful environment. A lot of alcohol can disrupt your sleeping routine, but a small glass will improve it. That is why you shouldn’t avoid drinking a glass of wine in the evening, but only if you are a healthy person, without any disease or problem.

If you are stressed, a glass of this beautiful ruby red beverage you drink right before sleep will help you relax and enjoy the evening. You should know that the red wine calms while the white one will give you energy and won’t let you sleep well.

3. It’s good for your blood

Source: European Pharmaceutical Review

Again, drinking too much alcohol beverages will raise blood pressure and increase the risk of liver dysfunction. But, moderate drinking will increase the levels of HDL, which is also known as good cholesterol. If you choose light red types and drink one or two small glasses, you will see that it has a lot of benefits for you. Low quantities help your circulation and will make your whole body warm. Light red wine will expand the vessels. You can combine it with your dinner.

The resveratrol, which we already mentioned above, is an antioxidant that protects the vessels and the heart muscle and eases the blood flow through the whole body.

4. It’s about the quality

Source: Heart and Stroke Foundation

You can find a wide range of wines in the markets and specialized stores. There are cheap wines and expensive too. You should choose your favorite and be careful where and how it’s produced. Low-quality products with lots of additives and chemicals for better taste are not good for you, and also for your night sleep. They may cause bad digestion and headaches. Good ones won’t do that to you.

Many producers add more sugar to the drink so they can increase the alcohol content and assist the fermentation and that is pretty normal. But, if the wine is unordinary sweet and you can taste the sugar, that is not a quality product.

5. It makes your skin glowing

Source: Professional Beauty

Since your circulation is better, you will see how your skin glows and shines without using any cosmetics. The circulation is crucial about keeping your skin healthy because the blood can reach every cell in your body. So, why not? One glass before bed and the next morning you will see how your skin glows and looks healthy.

6. Active ingredients are great for you

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You probably don’t know that the wines have a lot of healthy and beneficial active ingredients. We already mentioned the important antioxidants, but there are a lot more ingredients that make the red wine great for you, your night sleeping and your general health.

The red types also contain potassium sorbate, potassium metabisulfite, calcium carbonate, sulfur dioxide, which prevent the beverage from spoiling.

7. Cooler is better

Source: Just Wine

Many of us want the wine cool, and we all know that the ice cubes can water it down and decrease the quality and practically, to destroy it. The ordinary fridge is also not the best option, because we often forgot that we put something there just to cool down. According to temperatuesensei.com, you should have a specialized wine cooler that will keep the optimal temperature of your wine and won’t destroy its taste.

8. All of the resveratrol benefits

Source: BBC.com

The resveratrol in red wine helps you keep the cholesterol low, but it also has many other health benefits. It lowers the blood pressure, so many people take resveratrol supplements to help them control it. This antioxidant also keeps the brain healthy and protects it, because of its anti-inflammatory effect.

In some studies, it’s proven that resveratrol helps mice to develop better insulin response, so further studies will find if that applies to humans too. This ingredient also helps relieve joint pains. Some tests showed that resveratrol blocked cancer activity in animals, but this effect should be tested in the future if it works for humans too.

Knowing all of these benefits, you can start drinking one glass before sleep. As we already said, you can see all the benefits if you are a healthy person, so the alcohol won’t make your potential health problems worse. Be responsible for yourself and don’t drink more than glass or two before going to bed, so it won’t affect your sleep routine and schedule.

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