7 Ways to Stay in Shape Over the Summer

Summer seems like a great time to exercise more because we can catch a few moments just for us. But, when the hot days come, we realize that it’s not that easy because the hot weather is making us more tired and we breathe harder. That is why some people can’t exercise during the summer and they wait for the autumn months to come, so they can continue with their fitness routine.

It’s understandable if you don’t want to work out in a crowded fitness studio during the hot days, and the situation with the coronavirus still doesn’t allow us that. So, summer 2020 will be all about working out from home and outdoor activities. That means you need to optimize your exercising routines for the warm weather and try to do that the safest you can.

On the other side, summertime is better for our shape because we walk more, we spend more time outside, and also, we have more options and possibilities for outdoor activities and water sports.

Here are a few ways how you can stay in good shape during the hot summer days:

1. Outdoor exercising

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Use the cool mornings to run or walk fast around your neighborhood. You can do it at home too. You only need to adjust your routines to the new situation, so you can exercise regularly at least twice a week. You can go to the nearest park or playground and perform a few series of stretching and cardio exercises, sweat a little, and start your day relaxed and full of energy.

2. Don’t make excuses

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It’s easier for us to make an excuse for why we won’t exercise during the summer. Yes, it’s understandable that it’s too hot and that can make us more tired and nauseous in some extreme cases when we overdo. That is why you need to find the right time and exercises that won’t cause health problems. You can lower the intensity or workout a few minutes less than usual. Keep in mind that summer exercises are for relaxing and keeping the mind calm, not forcing your body to burn calories or lose too much weight.

3. Take your dog for a walk

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If you have a dog, you can walk around on the trails. It may take up to one hour per day and you won’t be too tired, but at the same time, you will walk a few kilometers while changing the intensity of your steps, depending on the dog’s excitement. That can be a funny activity and it will help you stay in shape and burn more calories after lunch or in the morning.

4. Make a plan

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You can consult with a fitness expert or you can create a plan by yourself. You need to exercise every part of your body, arms, legs, back, and stomach, and alternate the techniques. Yoga in the morning is also a good choice and don’t require intense movements. During the summer it’s better to use your body weight to perform the exercises. Leave the dumbbells and kettlebells for cooler months.

5. Move and walk more

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If you don’t want to exercise, take care to move more during the hot summer days. That means that you won’t need to use a bus or car to visit your friend, because it’s always better to walk when it’s still not too hot outside. Summer is great to use your bike to go to work or the store. Moving is a crucial element of your workout routine, because it keeps your muscles and joints healthy better than laying down the whole afternoon.

6. Stay safe

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If you exercise outdoors, take care of your skin and use SPF creams, so you can protect it from sunburns. Also, you need to drink enough water so you won’t dehydrate and ask your doctor for advice. Always maintain proper body temperature by drinking water and avoiding sports drinks. Nothing will enhance your performance better than water. Don’t expose yourself to the sunlight and try to exercise in shades or later in the sunset. You also need to be careful with the supplements and check anabolicsteroidonline.com to find the best additions to your nutrition plan. Don’t use products with a lot of sugar and sweeteners. Always have a few bottles of electrolytes in your fridge or electrolyte powder that you can mix with water.

7. How to cope with the heat?

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Heat and sunlight exposure can cause fatigue, cramps, exhaustion, or even a stroke in extreme cases. Don’t risk sunburns and sun poisoning, use SPF lotion even in the late afternoon or exercise at home. Sun overexposure is a serious concern. Use safe sunscreen always.

So, if you have any of the following symptoms, you need to stop exercising immediately, take a few days to recover and try again with lower intensity workout:

– Panting and losing your breath

– Too fast pulse

– Too weak pulse

– Cramps that are not related to muscle strengthening

– Nausea and vomiting

– General weakness

– Headaches

So, the best choice is to exercise early in the morning or in the late afternoon or to do that at home, without exposure to the sunlight. If the heat causes a lot of health issues that you can’t cope with, you should take a break and keep your shape by walking or dancing at home.

Exercising in summer is not an easy task. It can be pretty challenging even for those who work out 4-5 times a week. The heat is a reason for so many health problems and people that are too sensitive need to take a pause and continue with their fitness routine in September or October. That doesn’t mean that you need to lay down in your bed, watch a TV all day long and drink sweetened lemonade. It’s always better to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy food than to enjoy summer treats. That will help you keep the generally good shape and get back to the gym when you are ready for that.

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