7 Reasons Why Surfing is Good for Your Body and Mind

Surfing is one of the oldest sports in the world. The first recorded surfers were fishermen several thousand years ago. From then until today, it has become increasingly popular, and in the last half-century it has experienced a huge expansion as one of the most popular extreme sports.

When we imagine a surfer he is almost always dark-skinned due to so much exposure to sun, his body covered in tattoos and perfectly fit, with 6 pack abs. On the one hand, it is a stereotype, but it is definitely necessary to be very fit to be a successful surfer. But your mind must follow your body. It requires great concentration, the connection of mind and body and great skill to be successful.

But also, surfing not only requires those skills, but develops them. This activity is a combination of different types of training of your body and training, but also relaxation of your mind. So today we will introduce you to the reasons why surfing is good for your body and mind.

1. You will be in top shape

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If you have tried various sports and surfing is one of them, you will surely agree that it is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. You have to use the absolutely whole body, constantly. Shoulders, arms, core, legs must be strong to be able to tame the waves. The more time you spend on the waves, the more your fitness level will improve. You will achieve a toned body, which looks the most beautiful. But you will also be healthy. Your body will be prepared for daily activities and you will easily cope with ordinary activities. Also, it is cardio training because you constantly have to paddle and thus raise your heart rate.

Perhaps no other sport on the planet makes such harmony between developing muscle strength, balance and flexibility. It is a full-body workout, where you will develop both sides of the body equally, one will not be stronger than the other, as in, for example, tennis. As we have already said, the core will progress significantly, and it is the biggest stabilizer of our body and contributes the most to maintaining balance.

2. Improved lung capacity

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It is very important that we have a good lung capacity because it affects the health of our heart, as well as the ability to perform daily activities such as climbing stairs. In today’s world, lung capacity is a problem for many due to lack of physical activity, cigarette consumption, air pollution and many other factors. If you do surfing, you will not have this problem. Due to the high demands, your body will adapt and increase the capacity of the lungs. Also, vitamin D is very important for the health of the respiratory system, to which you will be constantly exposed. The importance of vitamin D does not end with the respiratory system alone. It is very important for the immune system and bones too.

3. Improving patience and concentration

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Although in movies it seems that the waves come endlessly, and surfers tame them non-stop, this is often not the case in reality. Although there are seas and oceans that are a paradise for every surfer due to the constant big waves, you still have to be very patient in most places and wait for the right moment. This can take a long time, and you must not lose patience and concentration because you never know when the right one will come. So you will see how much more patient you are, the longer you practice this sport.

4. You make contact with nature

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Nowadays, when most of us live in cities and for days we see nothing but buildings and other man-made things, surfing will take us to a completely different environment. You will be surrounded only by water and your thoughts. In this way you will make a special connection with nature, because you will feel as if you are communicating with ocean, while waiting for the next wave. In this way, your environmental awareness will develop. You certainly won’t throw trash in the water or leave an empty bottle on the beach. Surfers have a great respect for nature.

 5. You will travel a lot

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Once you feel a rush of adrenaline while on the board, you will want to constantly experience such a feeling and intensify it even more. You will only be able to do this if you visit all the destinations in the world that offer big waves. From Spain and Portugal, through South America to Asia … every corner of the world will give you enjoyment. We all know how much travel has a positive impact on each person. You meet new cultures and people, broaden your horizons and make yourself happy by changing your daily routine. And who knows, you might even meet a soul mate that way. And also it will probably be cheaper to travel this way than the ones you are used to. To start surfing, you only need a board, whose prices vary, but you can find them at affordable prices. Check which prices suit you at easy-surfshop.com. In addition, you only need a tent, because most surfers sleep in tents on the beach, instead of in luxury hotels.

6. It will relieve you of stress

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One of the biggest problems in modern society is stress. You can’t avoid stress from the earliest days and school, and especially not later in life. So you need to find an activity that will relieve you of stress. Surfing is an ideal example. First, any physical activity is very good at fighting stress. Then, you will completely focus on the waves and relax your brain so that you will not have to think about anything else. Imagine how much nicer and more comfortable you will feel after a few hours on the water, and all the stress you have accumulated will remain behind you.

7. You will learn to be humble

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Everyone needs to understand that there are things that are stronger than him and that he is not better than everyone. As many people today are conceited, everyone should encounter huge waves and realize how small they really are. That way they will understand that you need to be humble and treat all people equally. Because we realize that we are all equal when we are surrounded by vast expanses of water.


Now that you see the benefits for your mind and body, with all the fun it will bring you, you must try to surf at least once in your life.

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