7 Most Common Botox Mistakes

If we’re talking about the most popular procedures in the world, that are not surgical, then we are speaking about Botox. For some time now, Botox or botulinum toxin is the leading anti-aging treatment available. The first signs of aging are most noticeable on our faces, and preventing it became possible with a combination of Botox and dermal fillers.

The goal this treatment has is to make our face look younger but in a natural way. But, if injecting Botox isn’t done correctly, the results might not be what you imagined. Sometimes, in the worst-case scenario, what you get is a grotesque look, which won’t leave you satisfied by no means. So, Botox treatments aren’t all sweets and sugar, and this is precisely why we’re going to discuss the most common Botox mistakes. With our help, you just might avoid them and enjoy your never-aging face.

1. Frozen face

Source: Today’s RDH

Getting your face injected with Botox is all good and well, but there are threats you need to consider. The most significant one is, of course, the frozen face. Every patient that undergoes this procedure is at risk of the frozen face. If you have a frozen look after getting Botox, it means that your face will be stiff and that you’ll lose the ability to frown.

Yes, you heard it right, your face will be so icy that you won’t be able to pull this facial expression. This situation happens because, unlike fillers, Botox is relaxing the face muscles, which results in reduced muscle tension.

2. Star Trek Eyebrows

Source: Galenos

If you haven’t watched this TV series, you need to check out Mr. Spock. The character in question belongs to an alien race from the planet Vulcan. They have a unique set of eyebrows, and the only reason you would want to look like him is if you are a fan at Comic-Con. In all other instances, Houston, you have a problem.

After receiving Botox injections, your eyebrows need to be normal. If one of them, or unfortunately both, are pulling up too much, you have an issue. An additional problem is also the appearance of wrinkles above your lateral brow. If you are in the hands of a professional, this shouldn’t happen, but if it does, you shouldn’t panic, it can be easily fixed.

3. Focusing Only on The Problematic Part of Your Face

Source: The Telegraph

People who want to be treated with Botox usually only want to focus on the area that pains their eyes the most. What they don’t know, and frequently fail to acknowledge, is that it’s not enough to receive botulinum toxin in one small area of the face which represents the issue. For better results, it’s recommended that you receive an injection in the areas surrounding the one you want to treat.

If you fail to cover the parts of your face surrounding the area you want to inject with Botox, it could create issues in the future. The most often result is that your facial expression might get unnatural. With professionals working with your face, you’ll need to listen to them, and receive injections where they tell you. If not, outsiders will easily spot the flaws of your face, and they will know that you had these injections.

4. Using Too Much Botox

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Just like with most things in life, too much is a no go with Botox. If you overdo the treatment, the results will not be fatal, but the loss of your facial expression could be considered tragic. Most articles recommend that the glabella region is treated with 20-40 units, forehead with 15-30 units, while crows feet require 12-30 units.

While these are universal measures, the dosage changes from client to client. Starting with a smaller dosage is the direction you should take, as more natural results are more likely. With small injections and slow progress, many side effects of botulinum toxin could be avoided. The one downfall of this approach is that you’ll need more frequent treatments. There are many approaches to undergoing Botox treatment, and by staying with us, you can find more information regarding the best course to take.

5. Ptosis

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Most people who decided to treat themselves with these injections or already done this are familiar with term ptosis. For you who do not know its meaning, it refers to the unfortunate event, when due to Botox injections, your eyelid drops. If this happened to you, then you know that it results in the inability to close one of your eyelids as much as the other one. This is a frequent occurrence when your injections are being handled by someone less experienced.

The bad news is that ptosis won’t go away until the effects of Botox are worn off. So, before you receive botulinum toxin, you need to make sure that you are in the right place. Only work with trained professionals who have a ton of experience behind them. While dropped eyelid will go away with time, you do not want to be hanging around with one for months waiting for Botox results to wore off.

6. Do Not Skip Massage at The End

Source: The Face

This might surprise you, but you shouldn’t skip the massage that comes at the end of Botox treatment. It might be essential for the results you desire. This is the last step in this type of treatment, as it helps to distribute Botox equally in all parts of your face. Another positive effect is that it can prevent the appearance of bruising.

7. Failure to Combine Botox With Other Cosmetic Treatments

Source: Movassaghi Plastic Surgery

Having Botox on its own can provide you with great results, but if you combine it with other cosmetic treatments, you can have an outcome you didn’t dream about. Many professionals who work with Botox do not inform their patients about this, so you need to come prepared. The most common treatment that should follow the Botox injections is dermal fillers. The lines and wrinkles can be dealt with botulinum toxin, but if you have a loss of facial volume, the dermal filler should also be applied. When these two are combined naturally, the results are impressive. In the end, this is precisely what you deserve.

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