Have you looked with eyes to see your tongue? No? But you should.
We use the tongue to articulate the words, to feel the flavors, to produce saliva. We need the language to know how our health is. Although it is one of the most important parts of the human body, the tongue is often devalued and the care we take with it is few, especially when compared to the teeth we have, which we clean daily and that we monitor its condition with a doctor specializing in dentistry.

Besides being a faithful mirror of the state of health – it may reveal a fungal infection, anemia, hemorrhage, dehydration, etc. – language can also be the stage of some health problems when not taken care of properly. To El Mundo, the Spanish doctor Iván Malagón reveals everything that can happen to the language and that often passes to the side of the people for not paying the due attention to him. Here are the consequences:

1 – Oral candidiasis, which manifests itself with white patches and is the result of a fungal infection.

2 – Leukoplakia, a condition in which the tongue gets white and hairy spots, and may be a warning sign for the human immunodeficiency virus or for a weaker immune system.

3 – Glossitis, which is due to a bacterial infection, viral or a burn in the tongue. This condition is characterized by the color change of the tongue, which is accompanied by a feeling of burning and swelling.

4 – Scarlet fever, which is also a bacterial infection that starts in the mouth but can easily spread throughout the body through red patches and small rashes.

5 – Kawasaki syndrome, a pathology that is also known as ‘strawberry tongue’ due to the appearance similar to the fruit that the organ gains.

6 – Oral lichen planus, which is a lesion on the tongue characterized by white patches and eruptions, a lesion that can also affect the skin. The cause is not yet known, but it is known to be a reaction to T cells.

7 – Geographical language, situation in which appear stains and languages ​​in the organ and that is caused by the disappearance of some taste buds.

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