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Most Common Email Marketing Services That Can Be Used As Mailchimp Alternatives

The MailChimp platform is one of the best that is used in email marketing. It can be used by either small or large marketers. The ease of use of the platform makes it popular and also affordable for use. These reasons make up some of the reasons that the platform is well known. They offer a great bargain for the number of emails you want to send. They also offer different levels of pricing or pricing plans on their services. Do some research and get to know which price packages will work for you and your needs. The following are top email marketing services that can be used as Mailchimp alternatives.

GetResponse is one of the platforms that you can use as an alternative MailChimp platform. GetResponse is easy to use which also offers easy navigation for you. This platform also comes with features such as landing page creation tools and webinar editor. GetResponse is one of the simplest email marketing tools. You can be able to get a test drive or trial to use the platform before you fully decide that you want to use the platform.

Another platform that will serve as a MailChimp alternative is Aweber. To be able to use the services that the platform provides officially, you can get a month free trial before that. Services such as conversation can be best provided by this platform. Beginners using this platform can be able to advance slowly in their email marketing. The Aweber platform is easy to use and has an online dashboard that makes it even easier for beginners to use.

Another alternative for MailChimp is ActiveCampaign. The most common thing to note about this platform is that it contains automated features. This platform allows you to create many messages that are automated and comes with the option of waiting for some days before you decide to send them. You can also be able to split messages and headlines that allows for converting of emails. You will be able to grow your business in the long run. Using ActiveCampaign gives you the opportunity to grow your business through digital marketing. Before you start using the platform officially, you will get a free trial.

CoverKit is another platform that can serve as Mailchimp alternative. The platform was recently started and is more focused on digital marketing. The platform target mainly the digital marketing audience. Cost of the CoverKit platform services can, however, be expensive than other platforms. You can still be able to make a good amount of profit by using the platform for email marketing.

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